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Download A1StereoControl by A1 Audio Free Mastering, Stereo Width, Mixing VST, AU, RTAS, AAX Plugin. Win 32Bit, Win 64Bit, Mac 32Bit, Mac 64Bit. Here are some of my favourites: EQs: Baxandall Simulation Equalizer / BasiQ - Very nice sounding 3 band EQ; more of a sweetening device rather than freq correction Win, Mac / VST, AU / 32bit, 64bit. Download A1StereoControl by A1 Audio Free Mastering, Stereo Width, Mixing VST, AU, RTAS, AAX Plugin. Win 32Bit, Win 64Bit, Mac 32Bit, Mac 64Bit. A1StereoControl is a stereo wideness expander / limiter. The integrated Safe Bass algorithm centers all bass frequencies below an adjustable value. This gives your tracks the solidity and definition you want while preserving maximum transpancy and sharpness. Additionally A1StereoControl brings you the possibility to place your stereo signal. Stereo Expansion. With A1StereoControl plugin you will be able to expand or limit the stereo width of your tracks using only one single knob. This powerful technique can be used on single tracks or groups tracks while mixing or even on a master bus in final mastering situations. As many experienced mixing & mastering engeneers.

Klanghelm VUMT Deluxe v2 – painstakingly simulated the behavior and general ballistics of classic VU meters consisting of 3 modules.

In addition to all the functions of the standard version, the VUMT deluxe offers more measurement types (BBC, DIN, Nordic) as well as various channel instruments such as mute and polarity reversal buttons, a monitoring section and the following signal processing tools:

HighPass and LowPass filters, single band a dynamic equalizer with various filter types, useful for removing resonances or for dessing, and a mono creator for narrowing the stereo image below a certain frequency.

On top of that, each VUMT deluxe skin offers an additional contrasting graphical interface for the VU itself.

6/10/20 version 2.4.0

• GUI performance improvements
• added option to use OpenGL rendering for the GUI to the global settings (experimental)
• FIX: sporadic disabling of the IN PLACE state, when switching MONITOR option
• FIX: microphone access / audio input in Standalone version in macOS
• Standalone version now restores previous window position
• more robust Mac-installer
• updated manual


12/16/19 version 2.3.1

• FIX: default values ​​for the meter settings weren’t properly initialized causing the needles to halt when insert the plugin,
if the user hadn’t saved its own default preset


12/16/19 version 2.3.0

• Automation fixes and improvements to ensure coherent behavior across all plugin formats and hosts
• tweaked value displays
• fixed a potential crash when saving a user preset and the UserPresets folder contained non-xml or broken xml-files

11/26/19 version 2.2. 2

• FIX: too short VU needles in some of the skins

11/19/19 version 2.2.1

Stereo Imager Vst

• FIX: when in meters only mode, the arrow button to show all controls again had been hidden
11/14/19 version 2.2. 0
• minor internal improvements
• added VST3 version
• new Mac installer
• installer includes the Standalone version now • no more separate download for Standalone version
• compatibility with macOS Catalina (macOS 10.15)
• dropped 32-bit support in order to follow current fulfill security and technical requirements by the OS vendors

06/12/17 version 2.1.2

• FIX: AAX only: partial reset of controls when moving an instance to another slot in the mixer

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