Assassin%2527s Creed Odyssey 1.0.7 Patch Download

15 November, 2018 – RafalMGP Team
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Here are the full patch notes for Updates 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 coming in a bundle! What's Included in Assassin's Creeed Odyssey Season Pass. The two patches seem to be bundled together. They will arrive for all three platforms on November 29th and will have the following size to download: Xbox One – 2.9GB. PlayStation 4 – 2.8GB. Assassin 27s Creed Odyssey 1.0.7 Patch Download Pc; Ubisoft has taken to their blog to announce and detail the upcoming update for their latest title, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. The new update comes brimming to the rim with new fixes, changes, and additional features like the transmog, visual customization system. Anno 2070 Patch Download Kernel 4.11 Nvidia 375.66 Patch Download Assassin's Creed Odyssey 1.0.7 Patch Download Mortal Kombat X Pc Update Patch Download Summer 2017 Civ 6 Patch Download Touhou 14.5 Urban Legend In Limbo English Patch Download Viking Conquest Patch Download.


Patch 1.0.7 for Assassin's Creed Odyssey is now live. Best innovation: new character customization (Transmog) lets you choose the look of your equipment while maintaining the same attributes

Ubisoft patchlog of the version update 1.0.7. for Assassin's Creed Odyssey says it all. The developers have done a bit of balancing, reworked the hitboxes for Legendary Animals, added NPCs and vigorously polished the photo mode. We are also very happy for the increased level cap. It has been raised from 50 to 70. With the second episode of 'The forgotten stories of the Greek World' story expansion Ubisoft also serves us fresh content. One new feature stands out: customization menu.

Make yourself pretty - and stay strong

Ubisoft adds the visual character customization in Assassin's Creed Odyssey 'transmogrification.' After upgrading to version 1.0.7 via the Uplay client, you suddenly have a wealth of additional inventory options. The system allows you to make armor pieces or weapons to look like any other piece of equipment. Sure, you do not make a club out of a sword. But if, for example, you go for the look of a particular breastplate, but you do not like the values of that armor, you can simply replace it's look to any other upper body armor as to your desire. The bonus attributes are retained.

In Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the new customization options are especially handy. Because sooner or later, every player will find that they do not want to wear one of the better armor just because of their looks. No doubt they are all beautiful but the wardrobe in AC Odyssey is so well filled after only a few hours of playing that you always have another favorite when it comes to the style. Actually, when you want to become stealth Assassin, but like to wear Hunter clothes, even though they only grant raffles bonuses? With the Transmogrification system, you just wear what you want and you're happy about meaningful bonuses.

But there is one prerequisite: you first have to unlock the pieces of desired equipment. It also does not matter if you have previously disassembled a visually-appealing, ordinary armor and it is no longer in your inventory. Once owned, the visual appearance can be permanently transferred to other pieces of armor in the future. This also applies retroactively to any parts you found in the game before the patch was released. The more you discover in the sprawling world of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the bigger your wardrobe becomes.

Patchlog 1.0.7

New content

  • Added support for the second Lost Tale of Greece – A Divine Intervention.
  • The quest “Test of Judgment” will be available in-game upon installing version 1.0.7, available from Episode 5.
  • Located in Korinth, the quest will be added to the quest log once the quest giver was found.

Features and improvements

  • Added a visual gear customisation page to the inventory.
  • You can now access the Detailed Mercenary Benefits page from the Mercenary menu.
  • The Detailed Mercenary Benefits page will showcase all Tier Benefits and their statuses (unlocked/not unlocked).
  • Level cap increase to 70
  • If you were Level 50 already, XP gained prior to this increase will automatically be transferred into ability points. XP gained prior the patch will not increase the Level.

Assassin 2527s Creed Odyssey 1.0.7 Patch Download Pc

Photo mode improvements

  • Added a Contrast option, more grid types, and an option to hide headgear to the game.
  • Added Fog and Bloom options
  • Tilt angle increased from 45° to 90°.
  • Improved auto-focus functionality.
  • Improved display of liked photos on the world map.
  • Added a Preview button to immediately hide the UI.
  • Pressing any button when the UI is hidden will now bring the UI back automatically.


  • Improved Smart Loot System – It will now reward more gear of the preferred play style.


Assassin 2527s Creed Odyssey 1.0.7 Patch Download Free

Assassin%2527s Creed Odyssey 1.0.7 Patch Download

Assassin 2527s Creed Odyssey 1.0.7 Patch Download Torrent

  • Discounts from Mercenary Tier benefits will now be displayed at the Blacksmith.
  • Added support for future Live encounters.
  • Added an option to the game to toggle XP and drachmae boosts on/off in the inventory.
  • Improved hitboxes of legendary animals.
  • Added some more NPCs to various NPC stations (marketplaces, tanning spots, etc.).
  • Added achievement/trophy for Divine Intervention to the game.