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  1. Assassin`s Creed Unity Patch Download Free

Assassin's Creed Unity Directx 10 Patch Download. Aristocrats wait patiently for Unity to start working properly. The much-discussed patch 1.2 for the PC version of Assassin’s Creed: Unity has been released today, and should download automatically through uPlay (or Steam, I guess, if you have that version.).

Hello, and welcome to another edition of “does Assassin’s Creed: Unity work properly on the PC yet?” The short answer to that question is “not really, but Patch 4 might have helped some people a bit.”

The longer answer follows in the next 700 words or so.

Assassin`s Creed Unity Patch Download Free

I’m basically sat on the minimum suggested specs for Unity, so I’ve never been expecting or anticipating anything more than, say, 30fps with settings around the low-medium mark. Although, let’s not forget that Assassin’s Creed: Unity’s PC specs are grossly inflated in comparison with the contemporary consoles it’s (sort of) running on, and that every single other PS4/Xbox One cross-over (Ryse, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Shadow of Mordor et al) runs at higher fidelity, and higher frame-rates, on this very machine.

Anyway, Patch 4 was released today through Uplay (hilariously, a day later than it appeared on Steam; the digital platform not owned by Ubisoft.) This is the one which supposedly addresses performance, so does it help?

That’s a question with as many answers as there are different PCs in the world, but judging by my own experiences today and Ubisoft’s own forums, Patch 4 is not the Assassin’s Creed: Unity performance panacea.

People are probably more likely to post if their experience with the new patch has been a negative one, but the breadth of complaints about continued stuttering, texture flickering, hitches, and crashes from both Nvidia and AMD users alike would seem to indicate a sizeable minority of disgruntled players. Players who have all manner of different PC set-ups, too.

Indoor locations don’t destroy my frame-rate, so that’s an improvement.

In fact, what seemed to help me more than Patch 4 (which we’ll get on to shortly) were AMD’s new Omega driver set. They gave me moderate boosts at 1080p (3-4fps, but enough to nudge it close to that solid 30) in the denser parts of Paris and seemed to somewhat mitigate the weird gameplay pauses Unity was previously suffering from. Indoor locations stopped murdering my frame-rates quite so violently, too.

It still stuttered and hitched, and there were still frame-rate dips to the low 20s, but those latter events appeared (and maybe this was just placebo) to be less frequent.

In comparison, Patch 4 doesn’t seem to … have done much at all. The worst dips are still 22fps or so (except for the mega-stutters which tank it to the teens for a second or two, but these occur a lot less after the Omega update,) and the max FPS is still 60. But only when climbing something and looking at the sky. Realistically, the upper limits for me are in the 40s.

This doesn’t necessarily fix anything, but it does at least force the game into trying to keep a smooth 30fps.

I’ve actually started using RadeonPro (you can see my options in the shot above, click to enlarge) to just lock the frame-rate to 30, force the processors to high priority, utilise triple-buffering and so on. There’s no point having the game fluctuating from 25 to 45 all the time, and there’s no chance of me reaching 60.

What I find particularly maddening about Assassin’s Creed: Unity’s weird technical issues is that lowering settings really doesn’t produce much of a frame-rate boost at all. The difference between playing on all-low settings and the default “medium” set (albeit with anti-aliasing turned off, because that did have a performance cost) is absolutely nothing. Lowering texture and environment quality, as well as turning off SSAO, gives no performance boosts whatsoever. Even after a cold restart of the game.

This seems like a pretty basic failure to utilise the flexible scaling capabilities of the PC.

Quite what happened during the production of Assassin’s Creed: Unity, I don’t know. Perhaps it fell victim to 500 different Ubisoft studios working on individual pieces on it, or a rapidly looming Thanksgiving release window. Whatever the case, the game clearly still isn’t “right,” yet and may simply have fundamental, unsolvable technical problems at its core.

That Unity can actually look quite spectacular under certain conditions is scant consolation for the people who actually bought it, but still can’t run it properly. Perhaps more patches will help, but given that Watch Dogs was left in a fairly dire state for some PC players, I wouldn’t count on it. When the first breathless pre-order offers for Assassin’s Creed: Victorian London Edition start showing up next year, remember Ubisoft’s efforts in 2014 and put those wallets away.

Man, lots of Assassin’s Creed news today. Ubisoft has just released its latest patch for the PC version of Assassin’s Creed: Unity. This update weights 1.8GB and will be auto-downloaded from Steam or UPLAY. The update fixes around 300 bugs, so here is hoping that the stuttering issue – that has been plaguing the PC version – will be fixed.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity – Patch 3 Changelog:

Stability & Performance

  • Fixed numerous random crashes for both on Campaign and Co-op
    • (90+ various low reproduced crashes)
  • Fixed specific framerate drops
    • Improved general Framerate on PS4 by lowering the priority of the online services thread
    • Fixed FPS drops while Arno climbs on the RHP building of Palais de Justice
    • Fixed FPS drops when in climbing and pressing the Left Stick towards somewhere that is not climbable in certain areas
    • Fixed FPS drops in Sainte Chapelle

Gameplay (navigation, fight, stealth)

  • Fixed navigation issues where the player gets stuck. Specific fixed instances of this are listed below:
    • [Invalides] Arno will get stuck and fall under the map when he uses free run down button on the stone handrail type
    • [Mission: Occupied Paris] Arno can fall through a certain zeppelin and remain stuck after performing a jumping action from the top of the zeppelin.
    • [Palais De Justice] Arno can remain stuck when climbing part of the roof on Palais De Justice during free roam
    • [Saint-Louis] Arno remains stuck while trying to pass over a table
    • [Cité]Arno can remain stuck while trying to collect nomad point from Notre-Dame
    • [Porte-Saint-Denis]Arno remains stuck after falling between 2 props
    • [Temple] Arno can remain stuck inside a building corner at the Temple by using controlled descent
    • [Mission :POLITICAL PERSECUTION] Arno remains stuck near a wall located on the rooftop
    • [Mission: OCCUPIED PARIS] Arno remains stuck in a certain pile of wooden crates after performing a climbing action
    • [Cité] Arno can remain stuck after performing a slide on a building near Notre Dame
    • [Cité]Arno gets stuck on the chair while trying to climb the building
    • [Les Invalides] Arno remains stuck in the wall while using controlled descend after performing the Invalides RHP
  • Fixed haystack issues where the player can stay stuck in it. Specific fixed instances of this are listed below:
    • [Saint-Louis] Arno is stuck in the haystack near the bridge near the Assassin HQ.
    • [Mission: HEADS WILL ROLL] Arno remains stuck if they hide in the haystack that is located in the area with “Kill the Templars 0/3” objective.
    • [Les Invalides] Arno gets stuck and is unable to exit the indicated haystack cart
    • [Cité] Arno remains stuck in a haystack near the Notre Dame
Assassin`s Creed Unity Patch Download
  • Fixed Cover issues
    • Fixed an issue where Arno could not peek while in cover and standing.
    • Fixed an issue where the incorrect Cover Assassination animation is played when pressing RT+X (Or Square) when an NPC is close enough to perform a Low Profile Assassination.
    • Fixed an issue with right facing cover quick drop animation.
  • Fixed various camera issues
    • Camera will occasionally focus on nothing when performing a High Profile Cover Assassination.
  • Fixed animation issues
    • High Profile stop animation plays when walking then stopping in an indoor area.
    • High Profile start animation repeats when starting to move while in Stealth Navigation in a specific type of building.
    • Arno will not enter incapacitated stance if dying while in customization menu
    • Arno performs a Wall Eject in the wrong direction at the bottom of ladders.
    • Arno doesn’t enter V-Shape properly from Defenestrate onto the V-Shape’s side.
    • Arno will remain in a running animation for several second after jumping from a collision to another
    • Climbing up angled edges is very slow.
    • Arno performs CornerTurns instead of climbing regularly when going to the left on rounded structures.
    • Beam Low Profile Step is too fast over greater distances in between beams.
    • Arno goes past the edge of cover when Peeking up then moving backwards at a certain distance away from the edge of the cover.
    • Arno can play the upper body animation of not having any grenades while climbing up
  • Fixed some Booster issues
    • Activating a booster during a mission and restarting the memory will stop the booster and give it back to the player
    • Inconsistency between the number of boosts selected and the number displayed in the buy widget after redeeming a boost uplay reward.
    • Arno will teleport when descending from Fences and Walls
    • The Stealth Boost counter does not work properly.
    • Climb to Hang corner transition isn’t always smooth.

AI & Crowd

  • Fixed various animation issues
    • [Café theatre] Intendant slides quickly from between two stations
    • NPC was observed walking in the air and, at another point, running in place
  • Fixed various detection issues
    • NPCs can remain stuck in their bomb attack aim behavior which causes all other NPCs to stop attacking
    • If the LOS is lost during a major scold with guard post NPC they will go to the LKP instead of staying in position.
    • [Mission: The Chemical Revolution] Two aggressors inside the house are invulnerable on any of Arno’s actions
    • Guards can be stuck in a detection loop and never attack the player
  • Fixed various crowd stations issues
    • [Ventre de Paris][Hotel de Ville] Crowd NPC can be found spawning inside a prop.
    • [Quartier Latin][Luxembourg] After the user shoots towards some NPC that are sitting on some boxes, one of them can get into the wall
    • [Louvres][Tuileries] Some NPCs on the bridge between Tuilreies and Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin are not scared if Arno draws his sword
    • [Louvre][Feydeau] Missing chair from the NPC Station near a building
    • [Ventre de Paris][Porte-Saint-Denis] The npc’s standing on chairs at the indicated house interior are fleeing into the props when Arno scares them
    • Character model issue in a crowdlife station.
    • When remaining idle in the game for multiple hours, player will see crowd floating in the Air.
    • Horse carts fall through world when moving 115m+ away from them
    • [Louvre – Tuileries][Crowdlife] Some people from the crowd are spawned in the ground
    • Low Rez crowd can be seen when walking in the Street

Matchmaking, Connectivity & Replication

  • Fixed various matchmaking issues
    • The title enters an unresponsive state for both client and host if the client fast travels far away while the coop mission is being
    • Client remains stuck on loading screen if the Host Signs Out from PSN as soon as the client is on the loading screen towards the session
    • Wrong session attached to game party after having received a ghost
    • [Mission: LES ENRAGÉS] The map does not start when a 4P group starts the mission a second time
    • The user is unable to access the COOP or Heist missions from Progress Tracker while in Versailles
    • [Mission: DANTON’S SACRIFICE] After a toy of 4 players, using progress tracker to launch mission leaves all players with Waiting For.
    • Storm failure error 0xB9145EA0 received after accepting invite to a coop mission
    • [Voice Chat] A member of a toy party that is muted by a player can still be heard by that player if a coop mission is started afterwards
    • Client can be not pulled into host’s world after accepting party and game invite
    • Players can be stuck on “waiting for the other players” message after starting a heist following certain steps
    • The user will be unable to start the first toy session if he remains in Progress Tracker until the other players joins his world
    • One of the clients can receive Server error message on the search screen for LB050
    • Sometimes, other friends gamertags appear for the ones invited in toy sessions
    • The client of a TOY session can remain stuck after entering the mission if he Fast Travels while the host starts any mission
    • [Mission : POLITICAL PERSECUTION] After the Host interacted with the last sewer gate, the objective didn’t update until the Host exited the session
    • Clients of a TOY party have the option to Restart Memory right before a private session starts, creating stuck situations
    • The user will remain stuck on loading screen after accepting an invite just before the RIFT tutorial is completed.
    • All 4 players can remain on an infinite “Waiting for other players..” loading screen after the host started THE FOOD CHAIN mission through the Play Co-op Now search
    • User cannot start another rift mission if he accepts a coop invite during a rift transition out cinematic without pressing any button on the AMD.
    • Title crashes when the Client accepts an invite and the Host Fast Travels to Versailles while the client is on the loading screen
    • Clients of a TOY party can remain stuck on loading screen when trying to start a private mission of 2 Players after previously completing a 4 Players mission with a full TOY party.
    • All players can get stuck on a black screen after starting the transition from freeroam to a mission.
    • Accepting an invite towards an empty session can leave the user without in-game sound.
    • [Mission: SMUGGLER’S PARADISE] When starting the Heist in Solo Private from the mission giver, the screen can remain black
    • Toy members can remain on “Waiting for players” after 2 players quit the group and the remaining toy started another mission
    • Accepting an invite to join or rejoin a player in a session can send the user in another session with other players
    • Support ability to start a COOP or Heist mission with the progress tracker if that Mission’s World is not the Player’s current world
  • Fixed various host migration issues
    • Performing a Host Migration while the users are on the AMD screen will split up the TOY
    • The former host of a session receives the “Connection failed” error after being invited back into the mission by the new host
    • Quit group option is not available after a TOY party leader starts a private session while the rest of the party is still on AMD screen
  • Fixed join-in-progress issues
    • When joining a coop from an existing group, the client of that group being from [Le roi est mort] mission, and then leaving the mission, he can no longer move the camera when going back in his single player mission
    • [Mission: LES ENRAGÉS] Impossible to interact with Quest NPC once a Join n progress is done at the start of ACT2
    • A client that joins a private session while in another private session has three loading screens
    • Join in progress Ghost does not spawn while the user is in Versailles
    • The gear rewards from a full completed mission will disappear after the user JIP and returns to free roam
    • One of the clients remains on loading screen and the other remaining players do not have an objective , after joining a toy session and starting mission ANCIENT HISTORY from progress tracker.
    • [Mission: POLITICAL PERSECUTION][Act 1] The objective remained stuck after a JIP occurred during act 1
    • [Mission: WOMEN’S MARCH][Act3] – The last objective will not update if a join in progress is performed as the users interact with the cannons
  • Fixed various replication issues between host and clients
    • [Mission: THE TOURNAMENT][Act 2]The arena reinforcements are not replicated for the clients
    • [Crowd] Sometime the Dead Replica Body will remain in a Stand up position
    • [Mission: WOMEN’S MARCH][Replication]After failing the mission some clients may see Theroigne and her ally walking backwards
    • [Mission: THE FOOD CHAIN] Theroigne is seen moving backwards as the host
    • [Mission: ANCIENT HISTORY ] One of the clients was replicated as far away until they moved when first spawning in the mission
    • [Mission: ROYALS, GUNS AND MONEY] After interacting with a door, the client lost his eagle vision and the door replicated as closed for him and opened for everyone else
    • Player sees his teammate get up before unspawning
    • Simultaneously interacting with locked doors/chests lit by Eagle Vision causes the object to become unresponsive and Eagle Vision to lose its functionality
    • If multiple players revive someone at the same time, he will either stay dead, or be displayed as dead on every screen but his own, or he will not be able to be revived and will be stuck dead.
    • [Mission: MOVING MIRABEAU] The Client and his actions are invisible to the Host after the Client performs a JIP when the Host opens the Crypt Gate.
    • [Mission: THE FOOD CHAIN] One of the NPCs spawns only for one of the Clients causing Theroigne to remain stuck
    • [Mission: HEADS WILL ROLL][ACT 1] The mission objective will disappear for the Host if he interacts with the chest objective in Act 1
    • Enemy AI do not attack after starting [Mission: WOMEN’S MARCH] in 4 player toy session for a second time after completing the mission the first time
    • [Mission: THE TOURNAMENT] Replication and lag issues can be observed between players during combat
    • Replica sees the master in an intermittent animation while the master is aiming the gun and looking around
    • Friend widget displays wrong user after starting a second COOP session
  • Fixed various issues in the My Club menu
    • All members except the user will appear unavailable, even though they are online, as long as there are only 4 members in the club (creator included).
    • Same club objective will appear for all the club challenges when a save is performed

Menus and HUD

  • Fixed various menu issues and pop-up overlap issues
    • “Extra Rewards” does not fit the safe area of the TV on Helix Credits screen.
    • Helix Packs are displayed off screen when viewing the Helix Credits menu in several languages
    • The Uplay window will appear for a very short time if the user beats a ghost’s score in a rift
    • It is possible to access the Gear Loadout while being in combat
    • A Cockade from Tuileries district is marked collected in Vendôme district.
    • Game crashes in the character customization menu after performing certain steps
    • Long weapon “Golden Bec de Corbin” does not become available after redeeming it via uplay points
    • User can access the Character Customization menu if booting the game while offline and selecting to connect from the newsfeed message
    • The background on the progress tracker is missing when the player is in resurrection animation
    • The AMB COOP menu overlaps the Customization menu if the host changes gear near the COOP mission givers
    • [Friend Widget] Waiting for is not correctly place under the health bar.
    • The progression bars on the Assassin Rank widget/helix do not register the progress
    • The price bar for renovating a Social club is not complete
  • Fixed Mission objectives & updates issues
    • The Average Mission/Member count doesn’t display the correct numbers
    • [Mission: THE ESTATES GENERAL] Permanent hint will be displayed above Arno (until reaching the next objective) if the user will descend from the top of the RHP instead of leaping in the hay stack.
    • After completing the game, the Francois-Thomas Germain AFS will pop up after every desync
    • Unspent Sync Points notification pops up too often
  • Fixed issues in customization menu
    • After buying the “Master Sans-Culottes Belt” the user will notice that upgrading costs 31250 creed points instead of 5000
    • Arno’s Original pieces of gear can no longer be equiped if the user equips other gear during SQ03M05
    • A specific weapon reward cannot be equipped and it doesn’t have any image or animation
    • There needs to be a flag to illustrate what is new when you receive a gear or weapon in the menu
  • Fixed some localization inconsistencies in the menus
    • Inconsistencies can be noticed on several languages, regarding the trophy description for “Hydrogen Bonded” and “Fraternité!”
    • Placeholder text is displayed on the map when the user is not signed in with any SEN account.
    • [Boot up sequence] Message is displayed in the wrong language when booting the game in Spanish.
    • [Villa-Arno’s Room] Button incompletely displayed to access the Progress Tracker in certain languages
    • Typo in Wall Eject causes mistranslation
  • Fixed some Credits issues
    • Missing dates of first publication in the LIBTESS section of the credits
    • Several spacing errors are present in the credits

Mission tweaks (campaign, coop & side content)

  • Fixed various low repro walkthrough breaks
    • [Mission: THE BODY IN THE BROTHEL] The 6th Clue location is not displayed
    • [Mission: The Great escapist] Mission will fail if Arno kills the Quartermaster before his specific orange icon appears on minimap
    • [Mission: Let them eat hay] The mission breaks when the user kills some of the targets before the objective updates.
    • [Mission: IMPRISONED] Bellec and his target can remain stuck if the player kills the guard too fast after entering the cell
    • [Mission: Confession] Arno gets stuck when interacting with the priest atop the church
    • [Mission: Training] Roll recovery training can be very hard to complete.
    • [Mission: Extortion contortion] The mission will fail if the user runs away from the area after finding the Extortionist, while the woman’s Follow marker is still present on the map
    • [Mission: The Temple] Arno remains stuck in the walls of the Temple after hitting Germain and trying to climb down to find him in the catacombs
    • [Mission: Les Enragés] Arno remains stuck making a few steps from the spawn point
    • [Mission: STOP THE PRESSES!] Climbing the wall just after interacting with the poster will render Arno stuck
    • [Mission: IMPRISONED] User cannot jump off the prison’s tower and remains stuck on its ledge
    • The main mission progress is lost if the user accepts an invite at the end of a RIFT mission and then selects to Play Next Rift on AMD.
    • [Mission: Ancestral Vengeance] If the player opens the door of the last location while on the nearby barrel, he will get stuck
    • [Mission: DANTON’S SACRIFICE ] Objective does not update in ACT 2 after replaying the mission
    • [Mission: TALL, DARK STRANGERS] Mission doesn’t update with “Kill the Soldier” objective
    • [Mission: WOMEN’S MARCH] The objective “SABOTAGE the cannons” did not update after all the remaining players interacted at the same time with the cannons
    • [Mission: IMPRISONED] User can fall through the textures during “Escape the Bastille” objective when jumping out the first window.
    • [Mission: LES ENRAGÉS] When two assassins interact with a locked door at the same time and both exit the lockpicking interface, one of them will get stuck
  • Fixed various NPC navigation issues
    • [Mission: IMPRISONED] Bellec can remain stuck if the user stays in front and on the same path
    • [Mission: A FISTFUL OF DUELERS] After killing the 4th duelist, the second enemy from that location remains stuck – does not attack.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in some missions
    • [Mission: TALL, DARK STRANGERS] Lenormand’s Clone present on the location where the mission was previously failed
    • [Mission: HIGH SOCIETY] NPCs can be seen before the cinematic, in the courtyard where De La Serre is assassinated
    • [Mission: HEADS WILL ROLL ] Missing shopkeeper NPC from the area where templars targets are spawned
    • [Mission: CONFRONTATION] The cinematic doesn’t trigger if the user does not activate “Eagle Pulse” when reaches Saint Chapelle
    • [Mission: À LA LANTERNE!] The third wave of aggressors does not attack the duchess
    • [Companion] An Ambush mission will randomly finish when reaching the target defend area without having done anything
    • [Mission: WOMEN’S MARCH] After using the Progress Tracker to start LB020 for the second time in a 2 player toy session, the mission starts directly in ACT 3
    • Arno can get an indefinite amount of Creed Points if he headshots incapacitated targets
    • [Mission: THE ASSASSINATION OF JEAN-PAUL MARAT] The player cannot interact with the letter in the Hotel for a few minutes
    • [Mission: MOVING MIRABEAU][Act 2] The assassins have no collision with the hidden door in the catacombs when replaying the mission a second time
    • [Mission: DANTON’S SACRIFICE ]The extremists will not prioritize Dalton’s ally that spawns near the coaches and will behave inappropriate when players are around him
    • [Mission: HEADS WILL ROLL ] Arno lost two assassin ranks after replaying RB030 and quitting the mission
    • [Mission: CATACOMB RAIDER] Mission started with very low light level for the client
    • [Mission: MARIANNE RETURNS HOME] After completing the practice objective, if the user runs (~20m) the NPC is despawned
    • [Mission: The Estates General] After failing to get in the Hotel des Menus Plaisirs, after you are respawned – the crowd life near the carriage is missing – thus the mission cannot be completed on the normal path.
    • The SQ03 /SQ04 trophy is unlocked completing the first mode mission of SQ03M020 / SQ04M020
    • [Mission: THE INFERNAL MACHINE] The objective “Kill the Royalist Leader” is not checked (completed) after the users kill the Royalist Leader.
    • [Mission: IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM] Player cannot use HP potion inside the Luxembourg Museum.

World & 3D

  • Fixed various collisions and navigation mesh issues

Progression & Difficulty

  • Adjusted various community events rewards


  • Fixed saves corruptions in some cases
  • Fixed temporal blur for SLI
  • Fixed graphical corruptions in Character Customization menu
  • Fixed crash in Character Customization menu on controller autoswitch
  • Alt+Enter switch window modes correctly
  • NPC on side monitors shows correctly
  • Minor UI improvements

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