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Carman Scan Lite. Carman Scan Lite world's best diagnostic scan tool for Japanese and Korean vehicles for aftermarket. Small and light weight hand-type main body with LED display and USB port. Languages: English Power: 12V DC Operate Demo. Carman Scan Software Updates Please note that we are no longer able to offer Carman Scan Software updates. Most products are noe obsolete, including the Lite.


Let me start by apologizing for all of this drama.
I am still not sure that we got our update and unlock strings from the real Nextech at all.
They might have been taken and redistributed by someone without permission.

Carman Scan Lite Software Update Download

Some software maybe somehow slipped through cracks while the old owner/new owner thing was going on.
The unit appears to be updated. Yet, I have no proof other than new version numbers on the menu selection screen.
I checked it on a Lexus and a Subaru today, it looked good to me.
I checked it on my Saab, and actual values on wheel speed sensors were way off. 🙁
I e-mailed my contact that has been negotiating for North American rights.
He said he was promised an answer to North American exclusivity by Friday.
The company has a new owner. It will be call Carman, not Nextech.
There are five Korean engineers in California for the last five weeks.
They have been handed as many OE software’s as they needed for development and there is a commitment to new functionality.
We will see what we will see.
As for your Carman Scan Lite.
After I said thank you for unlocking the 1270 update I pushed for the TPMS addition that used to cost 7 or 8 hundred.
I got this back;
I will give you free
14.11.2012. 16.33, <[email protected]> је написао/ла:

Carman Scan Lite Software Update Free

Hello Dear,I will be tommorow in office and I will send you free

Best Regards,

So, I wait, and I wonder….
Is Jugend a female? If not I am not comfortable with the Dear thing….
As for the bill, I just sent it….
Do you have a mortgage on your house or can you maybe apply for one?
Just kidding.
Your friend,

Carman Scan Lite Software Update Free

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