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Fx-CG Manager PLUS is software (Emulator) that emulates operation of graphing calculator fx-CG50AU series on your computer. This software has almost same functions and operation as hand-held graphing calculator fx-CG50series. This software enables teachers to prepare teaching materials (Activities) and present them in the classroom using a. I had no idea that Casio themselves would release emulators like this. I always thought it would be some third party hackers that would do it. Anyhow, the program is great.and works just like the actual calculator. My only complaint is that the skin (picture of the calculator) inside the program is WAY too bright and over exposed. This application is a text editor for casio calculators Fx -9860G series. With this program you can create text files to take notes, edit them or just view them on the calculator. Afterwards, you can download to the PC files created or upload new ones. The program is able ro read and write files in the main memory, storage memory or SD card. Fx-9750G II is both the emulator and the file exchange medium between the calculator and the computer. Complete emulation of the fx-9750G II for classroom data projection. Screen resize feature enables you to do full screen fx-9750G II displays. Enables worksheet creation, including screen-shots and key-fonts with ease.

Emulator tool designed to work with A TI-83 series z80 core that offers you the possibility to work with the calculator on your desktop as long as you have a ROM dump

WabbitEmu offers you the possibility to run the OS for the Texas Instruments z80 calculators on your Mac. This way, you get to experiment working with the graphing calculators without having to rely on the hardware component.

Graphing calculator emulator that requires ROM dumps

To be able to start new calculator instances, as soon as you launch the WabbitEmu application, you need to navigate to the Preferences window and input the source ROM in the Hardware tab.


Since you cannot download the operating system from Texas Instruments anymore, you will have to get the ROM file by dumping the software from your calculator device with the help of a USB cable.

Within the same area, you also get to adjust the frames per seconds value when working with the emulator, adjust the shades or frequency value, or select the interface mode (perfect gray, steady frequency, or game gray).

Interact with the calculator emulation and make use of the built-in debugger tool

The WabbitEmu application provides support for working with multiple series of the Texas Instruments graphing calculators, such as TI-73, TI-81, TI-82, TI-83 (including SE), TI-84 (SE and CSE), TI-85 and TI-86.

Once you load the ROM image, you get to see the calculator emulation, as well as the debugger and variables windows. The debugger offers you the possibility to analyze the data, view the registers, activate flags, check the CPU status, review the memory map and possible interrupts, and so on.

Keep in mind that WabbitEmu offers you the possibility to save the current calculator state, as well as capture screenshots or grab animations.

Emulator tool for the Texas Instruments graphing calculators

WabbitEmu offers you the possibility to emulate different models of TI graphing calculators and interact with them from the comfort of your Mac’s desktop.

Worth mentioning is that WabbitEmu requires a ROM image to emulate the calculator, and you should be able to get it by dumping the OS directly from the hardware device (there are no official Texas Instruments download sources).

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Casio Graphics Calculator Download Mac Download

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WabbitEmu 2.1 / 2.2 Beta

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