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You don't need to be a Harry Potter series maniac or Hercule Poirot to be interested in uncovering secrets, hidden tricks and son, we are all in one way or another obsessed with secretes and uncovering them! Now with the release of Windows 10, we have a marvelous opportunity to fulfill this fiery desire! There are tons of tips and features about 10, hidden or barely missed, that can boost your experience with your Windows 10 device. If you are still against switching to Windows 10 simply because you've read about its cons and gripes here and there, it's time to think up! It's absolutely worth it. Don't freak out if it sounds too tricky in the first place. Learning the 'tricks' will just do. Guess what? We've most of the legwork for you. Just follow the Windows 10 tips and tricks below.

Keyboard Shortcuts

We've most of the legwork for you. Just follow the Windows 10 tips and tricks below. Keyboard Shortcuts I don't know about you but I'm a huge fan of shortcuts and honestly the interface of Windows 10 makes it a must to learn at least one or two shortcuts to move around faster and feel the liquidity of the interface. Let's start with.

I don't know about you but I'm a huge fan of shortcuts and honestly the interface of Windows 10 makes it a must to learn at least one or two shortcuts to move around faster and feel the liquidity of the interface. Let's start with:

  • Windows Logo Key + Ctrl + D: Use this combination to switch to a new virtual desktop. Why you need this? Let's say you've launched too many applications at the same time that you actually lose track of everything! What could be better than switching to a clean and slick desktop?
  • Windows Logo Key + L: Use this combination to switch between accounts.
  • Windows Logo Key + C: Use this combination to wake Cortana up in listening mode.
  • Windows Logo Key + I: Use this combination to open settings panel or the co-called Control Panel.

All shortcuts are based on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and are subject to change with the retail release. Keystroke Function Ctrl + Click Select multiple individual items Ctrl + Click and drag an item Copies that item in the same folder Ctrl + Shift + Click and drag an item Creates a shortcut for that item in the same folder. Basic Computer Components Computers come in different shapes and sizes. However, there are several parts on a computer that are universal to all computers. Software Hardware includes the parts of the computer system that you actually can touch (like the keyboard, mouse, monitor, or CPU). It’s explained below. Computer Shortcuts and Tricks Pdf Download Computer Shortcuts Free Pdf Computer Shortcuts Keys List Pdf Download Control + a Control Key Shortcuts Control Keys in Computer a-z Ctrl + E Ctrl N Ctrl Shortcuts Ctrl+o is Used for Ctrl+s Excel Shortcut Keys Pdf Free Download.

Dark Mode

I'm not crazy about 'Dark Mode' generally, but for those who're so concerned about their eyes, there is this hidden mode on Win 10.

  • Hold 'Windows Logo Key + R' and type 'Regedit', hit the 'Enter' key.
  • Then simply expand this hierarchy: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Themes > Personalize.
  • Then right-click on an empty area and click 'New' and choose 'DWORD (32bi-bit) Value'. A new value is added. You can rename if you want. Now simply log out and log back in.

ISO Image Mounting

On Win 10, you do not need any particular mounting application such as Virtual CloneDrive to open up ISO images (By the way, this application is awesome in essence, give it a shot sometime). Just right-click and choose 'Mount'. Simple as that!

User-Friendly Interactive Start Menu

You can customize the Start Menu using the 'Ctrl' and 'Arrow' keys to customize the size of the Menu the way you want to. It's pretty awesome.

Print to PDF

The Microsoft seems to have finally come into its senses. From now on, you can use this new option that lets you print a PDF file regardless of the application you are working with. In other words, The XPS format is not a 'must' anymore. You also get to save your document, webpage etc. as a PDF file. Click 'Print' and then choose 'Save' to save your file as a PDF.

Video-Record What You Do

You can record what you do inside of an application on Win 10. Now you can make simple tutorials yourself! Use this key combination: 'Windows Logo Key + G'.

The con here is that your PC should meet the requirements. According to Microsoft, you should have one of the following graphic cards:

  • AMD: HD 7000M series, R9 series, HD 8000 series, AMD Radeon HD 7000 series, HD 8000M series, and R7 series.
  • NVIDIA: GeForce 800M series or later, GeForce 600 series or later, Quadro Kxxx series or later.

Remove the Sign-in Screen

If you don't like to be having to go through the boring sign-in panel of Win 10, you might want to have a look at this trick:
Use' Windows Logo Key + R' then type 'Netplwiz' and hit 'OK'. Then under Users Accounts, uncheck the 'users must enter a user name and password to use this computer'.

Stop the Automatic Downloading of Updates

God! It's so nerve-racking! By default, Windows 10 is adjusted to find and download updates automatically and there's nothing you can do about it, unless you manually go to 'Settings' and disable 'Automatic Updates'.

Original Control Panel

The New Settings panel looks like just fine and it is accessible from the Start Menu. However, not everybody can adapt to this new arrangement of things. For such people including myself, they have rustled up a shortcut to the conventional Control Panel.
Just use this key combination: 'Windows Logo Key + X' and choose 'Control Panel'.

Sleep Button Missing

This is the problem for a lot of those who switch to Windows 10 and the solution is handy: Upgrade your PC' drivers and restart your PC and bingo! You will find the 'Sleep' button right where it is supposed to be.

No matter how many articles you read or how many tutorials you watch, when it comes to implementation, there is nothing better than practice. Therefore, if you would like to enjoy this new experience, grab as much stuff as you can and put them into practice. As they say, 'practice makes perfect'.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Some of the computer users think they are above learning new things or tricks but there are always new computer tips & tricks to learn and share your skill. We can tell, you might find the one trick out here which you haven’t learned before.

We have listed a few of the most important tips and tricks of the computer. The main purpose of bringing this to you is, improve your productivity and save each and every second of your workflow.

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You can also pass these computer tips and tricks to your friends and family member to become a better PC user. Below are the most commonly used shortcut keys and tricks in PC.

Common Internet & Computer Tips

There are so many common tricks of the computer and the internet. Here are the most important tricks

  • Re-open Closed Tab: Sometimes while using the internet, this happened that the tab got closed accidentally. You can bring back the closed tab by using the Ctrl+Shift+T and do the work where you were left.
  • Undo Anywhere: Sometimes you have deleted any important file or have deleted a few words in the doc file, you can use Ctrl+Z to recover the file and words. This short cut key works almost everywhere.
  • Closing Current Window or Program: When you want to close an open window or program you can do so by using Alt+F4
  • Closing Single Tab: While using Chrome and Firefox internet browser if you want to close the current tab you can use Ctrl+W on PC to do so.
  • Open CMD Directly: If you want to use CMD (Command prompt) directly on your PC you can type ‘cmd’ in the File Explorer address bar and the CMD will open directly.

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Keyboard Shortcuts (Computer Tips and Tricks)

  • Task Manager: To launch the task manager directly you can use Ctrl+Shift+Esc which will open the task manager.
  • Switch Windows: While working you might need to jump from one window to another window you can use Alt+Tab to navigate through the window and stay where you want to work.
  • Use Your Own Hot Key: Sometimes you want to set your own hotkey to launch your favorite If you want you can set short cut key easily, just right click on the program you want to set hotkey and navigate to ‘shortcut’ then click on shortcut key now type your hotkey for example 1. To use this hotkey you need to press Ctrl+Alt+your hotkey then click on apply and ok. Now you can use your short key.
  • Minimize All Windows: Suppose you are working on PC and multiple windows are open and want to minimize it all sudden. You can use windows key+D to minimize all windows in one short and vice-versa.

Computer Shortcuts And Tricks Pdf In Hindi

Internet Browsing & Computer Tips

  • Jump to Address Bar: Sometimes you want to jump to the address bar of the browser directly. You can use Alt+D and Ctrl+L also F6 to do so. All these keys do the same work while browsing the internet.
  • Switch between the Tabs: If you want to navigate from one tab to another using a keyboard shortcut key you can use Ctrl+Tab and move forward from one tab to another. Similarly, if you want to navigate from one tab to another backward you can use Ctrl+Shift+Tab.
  • Open New Tab: While browsing the internet you need to open a new tab very often and doing it by using a mouse can be irritating so here you can use Ctrl+T to open a new tab and in the same way if you want to open a new window you can use Ctrl+N to do so.
  • Open Private Window: Sometimes you need to use a private window to browse the internet because in the private windows history is not being saved. You can use Ctrl+Shift+T to open a new private window.
  • Increase & Decrease the Text Size: Sometimes while browsing the internet you need to increase & decrease the text size in the browser. You can change your font size bigger and smaller by using Ctrl+ or + and Ctrl+ or-, and Ctrl+0 will reset the text size in the current window.
  • Refresh the Current Page: While browsing the internet you need to refresh the current page to see the changes made by you and to load the page completely. You can use Ctrl+R and F5 button to refresh the current page.
  • To Show & Hide the Bookmark Bar: Sometimes you have bookmarked some important site and not able to see the bookmark bar. To show and hide the bookmark bar you can use Ctrl+Shif+B it works vice-versa.

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We have listed some of the simple internet and computer tips which will help you in using the computer and browsing the internet smoothly. It is important to use the internet safely and wisely because of each and every type of information available on the internet.

Computer Shortcuts Tricks Pdf File

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