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Internet cafe software or gaming center software is important to any lan or gaming center. This industry is over 20 years old so there are many softwares that are no longer in development or are not worth your time and are too risky for your business to use. The software packages I have listed are still under full development and have active profiles. I have personally installed and used all of them in my testing lab.

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  1. Before starting my own cyber cafe, I had 7 years of experience running 3 different cyber cafes (Galax InfoTech, SuperFast Internet and 1 Touch Computers) in Buea, Cameroon. For over eight years I have tested almost every windows based Internet cafe software on the internet. I say with total confidence that TrueCafe is the very best.
  2. Internet Cafe software, Cyber Cafe and eSports Center software for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP helps you control time and WiFi usage of your computers, game consoles, smart phones, tablets and laptops. Bill your customers for playing games, Internet use, printing, food and drinks.

ggLeap is a next-generation cloud based management solution for esports arenas, universities, LAN centers, cyber cafes and more. ggLeap allows you to manage your esports business and engage your players through coin rewards, prize redemption, and organized events. Now serving hundreds of gaming locations all over the world!

CyberCafePro is free Internet Cafe Software. There is no trials or registration required. There is no charges associated with downloading, using or extended use of CyberCafePro. Free support is available through our wide range of CyberCafePro Support Articles or the CyberCafePro User Manuals.

Antamedia software controls, secures, and enhances the running of your Internet cafe, gaming center, eSports center, library, school or hotel public computers. It helps you control and bill your customers for the Internet browsing, playing games, using Office applications, even covering retail products.

Smartlaunch is designed to setup, manage and control your own Esports Center with the world’s most advanced software & data management platform. Smartlaunch gives you the tools to organize local esports tournaments and participate in international competitions. Smartlaunch Advanced Games Management relieves you from time consuming games installation and prevents disruption of your customers entertainment experience by patching games efficiently.

Learn more about Smartlaunch...
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SENET by ENESTECH Software is internet cafe software to manage your Gaming Lounge with ease.This software aims ensures the convenience of control over visitor payments, control of clients, and time at computers. SENET uses a convenient interface for customers which allow each customer to control their station easily. This a cloud-based solution.

A powerful program that helps you monitor the actions of up to 250 client computers in an Internet café while providing support for pricing options, time codes, account management, reservations, and advanced admin settings

What's new in CyberCafePro 6.5.1 Server:

  • Home Page Control added - Premium members can control where the browser home page lands.
  • Previous OneRoof online server calls removed.
  • Start-up delay issue fixed.
  • Support links update.
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CyberCafePro is an advanced Windows application whose purpose is to help you manage your Internet café center by providing support for account management, pricing options, custom control features and comprehensive point of sale.

It gives you the freedom to monitor up to 250 client computers. You can control all of them from the server station, provided that you have deployed the client version of the utility on all the target PCs.

Configuration wizard

When you run the tool for the first time a configuration window pops out offering you step-by-step guidance throughout the initial setup process. You can enable the Play & Pay mode for charging customers after they use the client station and/or charge customers before they use the client station.

Additionally, you may enter the amount of money charged per hour of computer time, configure your local taxes and set up a master password in order to block other users’ access to your Client Admin section.

Clean feature lineup

It comes with a multitude of dedicated parameters for helping you manage your Internet cafés so you may be inclined to believe that the layout looks a bit overwhelming. This is clearly not the case with CyberCafePro, as it adopts a user-friendly layout that displays small icons for each computer.

When you click on the Main panel, the tool reveals a smart set of features that enable you to start or stop the current Internet session, check out the elapsed time, computer usage, printing charges and other items, and view the total sum of charged items.

What’s more, you can add custom notes (which can be cleared with a single click and customized in terms of font, font style and size) and activate several quick actions for the current client, such as send messages, transfer files, end session, add items, and reboot or shut down the system.

Several options are available for managing all clients at the same time, namely adjust the volume, lock all PCs which are currently not in use, unlock all computers, reboot or shut down all unused computers, as well as wake all systems that have Wake-on-Lan (WoL) enabled network adapters.

Time codes, accounts and reservations

CyberCafePro gives you the possibility to generate time codes by specifying the number of codes, assigning a time value to each code (or providing unlimited access time), setting up automatic expiration options, and allowing access to only a custom period of time.

Plus, you can sort the time codes by unsold, sold, unlimited time, deactivated items or other criteria, edit them, print the list with the time codes and export the information to CSV file format.

The tool lets you create an account by adding information about the first and last name, address, username, email address, birth date and password, giving the current user the permission to change the password, specifying the remaining time for the account, and adding an image (which can be taken with the webcam or added from your system).

You can set up reservations to keep a list of customers waiting for a computer (optionally you can make the system automatically reserve the client machines for you as they become available), as well as keep track of your sales including food and drink items.

Admin settings

CyberCafePro helps you change the looks of the application by altering the icon size, adding a background picture and changing the color, check out detailed logs containing information about the sales receipts, sales details and email reports, and configure system settings (TCP port, alerts, NT service, chat, location).

Additionally, you can set up employees, client options, accounts/codes, database, cash drawer, WoL commands, CD licenses and custom commands, create a blacklist and whitelist, as well as tweak several pricing and stock parameters (pricing, POS items, taxes, discounts, receipt, bandwidth monitoring).


A powerful and reliable Internet café business manager

All in all, CyberCafePro delivers a rich-featured set of functions for helping you monitor the actions of up to 250 client computers in an Internet café, and is suitable especially for professional users.

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CyberCafePro was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
  • RAM XP: 512Mb, Vista: 1 GB, Windows 7: 1 GB, Windows 8: 2 GB
  • Need admin level access
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CyberCafePro 6.5.1 Server / 6.3.17 Client

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