Download Graphics H For Dev C++ Windows 10


Install Dev C++

Download Graphics H For Dev C Windows 8 8 1; Download Graphics H For Dev C Windows 8 Download; Dev-C lies within Development Tools, more precisely IDE. This download was checked by our built-in antivirus and was rated as virus free. The most popular versions of the Dev-C are 5.8, 5.7 and 5.6. Just follow the onscreen instructions, and in mere seconds DEV C plus plus will be ready for running. Jan 12, 2016 Like our Facebook Page: Learn how to make graphics in dev c on Windows 10.Do graphics programming project using. Free download page for Project hlanguage's graphics.h.H Language is a language derived from C And C. In order to run graphics programs under Dev-C you have to download WinBGIm files. Download the files listed below. Graphics.h (download to C:Dev-Cppinclude) libbgi.a (download to C:Dev-Cpplib) Once you download the files. Now you have to place into the correct location in Dev-C installation folder.

Download Graphics File For Dev C++

After Download the file Extract File

How To Run Graphics Program In Dev C++ Step By Step Setup Process

Step 1 . Open The Folder where You Have Install the Dev CPP and Also Open The Graphics file Folder .

Step 2. Go To The Graphics File Folder And Copy

6-consoleAppGraphics ,

Step 3. Go To The Dev CPP Folder And Open Templates And Paste Here .

Go to Back Dev CPP

Step 4. Again go to The Graphics File Folder Copy


Step 5. Go To The Dev CPP Folder Open The Mingw64 , Inside The Mingw64 there will be x86_64-w64-mingw32 Open The Folder Go To the Include And Paste the file You Have Copied .

Back To Dev CPP Folder

Step 6. Go To Back Graphics file Folder

Copy libbgi.a

Step 7. Go To The Dev CPP Folder and Open x86_64-w64-mingw32 , Open Lib Folder And Paste the File .

After Complete Setup.
  • Open Dev C++
  • Go to The File
  • New
  • Project
  • Console Graphics Application
  • Choose The Lang C , C++ And Give The Name Of Project Then Click Ok.


graphics.h download
libbgi.h download

How do I use Borland Graphics Interface (graphics.h)?

For those of you migrating from Borland, you may be wondering where graphics.h is. Unfortunately, graphics.h is a Borland specific library and cannot be used with Dev-C++. Fortunately, a benevolent soul by the name of Michael Main has modified a BGI emulation library for Windows applications to be used under MinGW (and therefore Dev-C++) which he has aptly named WinBGIm.
The files we need are:
(download to C:Dev-Cppinclude)
(download to C:Dev-Cpplib)
After you have downloaded the files to the correct locations, you can now use WinBGIm’s graphic.h as you would Borland’s graphics.h with a few caveats.
Using library files:
First, you have to tell Dev-C++ where to find the library functions that WinBGIm references–this is done in the “Project Options” dialog box.
Here are instructions on how to do this with a new project:
• Go to “Project” menu and choose “Project Options” (or just press ALT+P).
• Go to the “Parameters” tab
• In the “Linker” field, enter the following text:
Project Options -> Parameters:

• Click “OK”.

Test code:

Just to make sure you’ve got everything set up correctly, try this test code in a new Dev-C++ WinBGIm project:


int main()
initwindow(400,300); //open a 400×300 graphics window
while(!kbhit()); //wait for user to press a key
closegraph(); //close graphics window
return 0;



Download Graphics H For Dev C Windows 10 0 Download

int main()
initwindow(800,600); //open a 800×600 graphics window
while(!kbhit()); //wait for user to press a key
closegraph(); //close graphics window
return 0;