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Rock GarageBand Loops contains 14 free rock n' roll beat loops for use with GarageBand. The commercial version takes you on a trip to the heyday of rock. From the thunderous, fat sound of the 70ls, through the sharp pop-rock 80ls to the aggressive metal of the early 90ls. Double Sided Hand Drum: Sample Size: 12 MB, 250 Samples. This is a multisampled Instrument –.

All of our free Garageband drum loops are free for personal use. Each file that we offer is a free Apple Loop which has been specially formatted to work with Garageband. For users of Garageband for iPad, you’ll need to import any apple loops that you download using iTunes. Free Garageband Drum Fills. Free Garageband Indian Tabla Loops.

Silicon Beats offers all of our loops in the popular ‘Garageband Loops’ format – also known as ‘Apple Loops’. When you purchase any of our Drum Loop packs you get to download a ZIP file which contains your drum loops in these formats:

Free Loops For Garageband

  • APPLE LOOPS – AIFF format for Garageband and Logic on Mac OSX and iOS.
  • WAV Files – (Acidized). The industry standard for years. Almost All audio applications can handle WAV.
  • REX2 – For use in Reason Refills, Cubase, Sonar/Project 5 and many more DAW applications.

We had so many users asking for us to supply Garageband loops in the ‘Apple Loops’ format that we simply had to listen. After some intense weeks of locating hit points and specifying meta data for the Garageband Loops in our library, we finally completed the conversion and are now proud to offer this new format.

Mac users will pay no extra charge for Garageband Loops, everybody pays one price and gets all formats.

What are Apple Loops?

Apple loops are specially formatted AIFF files which work in Garageband and Logic for Mac OSX. Apple loops contain unique meta data which tells Garageband or Logic certain things about the file, such as where the transient hit points are, what type of instrument is being played, the tempo, time signature and other information.

How do I buy these Garageband Loops?

Simply find the style of drum loop category that you need in the ‘Product Categories’ menu on each page and browse our catalog. You can listen to a previews of the drum loop packs that we offer and even download demo Garageband Loops to test them out before deciding to buy.

Free Garageband Loops

Download Tabla Loops For Garageband

Within these pages you will find hundreds of free demo drum loops. These can be easily located by using the drum loop menu to your right. Simply click on the Drum Loop Genre that you are interested in and you will be presented with a list of drum loop download packs for that genre.

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Mega Packs – These are bundled loop packs at a discounted price.

Mix some spice into your tracks with this red HOT collection of live Indian tabla loops. The tabla is a percussion instrument that’s usually played as part of a pair in a similar fashion to bongos. This fascinating instrument projects a truly mystical sound and dates back to 500 BC. Tablas often feature goatskin heads and tuning controlled by wooden dowels positioned under rope. Harness this simple but powerful percussion instrument that played an integral role in Indian music for many centuries.

With the meteoric rise in popularity of music from Bollywood, the tabla has found it’s place in modern music of all genres. These range from Hip Hop to House and everything in between.

Now this ancient and magical sound can be yours with this expertly recorded sample pack. It features 60 loops and 27 single hit ‘one-shot’ samples. The one-shots come in WAV file format and enable you to program your own grooves in addition to the loops. The loops come in three file formats of WAV, Apple Loops and Rex2.

Here’s what you get with ‘Tabla Loops’:

  • 60 Loops in (Acidized) WAV file format.
  • 60 Apple Loops for Garageband and Logic
  • 60 Rex2 files for Reason
  • 27 One-shot, single hit samples in WAV file format.

Download Tabla Loops For Garageband

This product contains live tabla rhythms which range from slow and smooth to fast and frenetic. There are variations and licks to suite any project.

To demonstrate how effective these tabla loops can be we created the audio demo above using some orchestral samples from Platinumloops in the background. All of the percussion sounds you hear are purely from tabla loops contained within this product. Please note that this product contains only tabla, if you like the other sounds in the demo they can be purchased directly from Platinumloops.

Download Tabla Loops For Garageband 8

Download ‘Tabla Loops’ to harness this legendary sound and put the power in your fingertips right now.

Tempos range from 86 to 140 Bpm.

Tempos:86 to 140 Bpm
Total Size:84 MB
Total Loops:60 Loops + 27 One Shots
Formats:WAV Files, Apple Loops, Rex2

Need Even more Soul Samples?

Download Tabla Loops For Garageband Windows 10

If our selection isn’t enough to satisfy your demands, head over to our partners Platinumloops and take a listen to their blistering selection of live soul sample packs.