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Sunday August 2013

Fifa 14 Serial Keys

Fifa 14 is a game developed by EA and it’s one of the famous games ever to bereleased. It can be played in different gaming consoles eg pc, ps3, xbox 360, Nintendowii, ds and many others. fifa 14 is not the first installment of this game, inactual fact, this is the14th version of this game, hence the word fifa 14. Fifa14 introduces many improvements as compared to its late predecessors; they havemassive improvements in gaming tactics, better graphics, better tackling anddribbling, advanced skill performance.
Though Fifa 14 is cheap, they are some people who cannot afford to buy thisgame, resulting in some people downloading games without any serial keysonline.


Simply put,ladies and gentlemen, they are no way to activate Fifa14 without a working fifa14 key. This is why you need “working fifa 14 keys”. There many sites, inactuality, they are many people who promise to have or can generate fifa 14keys for you online, well the fact of the matter is that none of these keyswork.
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We usestate of the art technology, to get working keys from EA servers in Germany, asthis has proven to be the most vulnerable as compared to other servers. The keysare pulled from the main database using random codes to avoid detection by EAand its staff.
Its veryeasy to get a working key for your fifa 14 gaming console, all you have to dois follow the steps provided below
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Step 1

Extract thedownloaded file to any random folder
When prompted(press run)
Once thekey has been generated, copy the key to fifa 14 activation screen
Step 2

Fifa Online Pc

Open fifa14 installation folder (C:/program File/etc…..)
Fifa 14 serial key pc free
Rename theFolder to Fifa 14 SK
Close thedirectory

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