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FLY FVDI J2534 interface is compatible with SAE J2534-1 and partly SAE J2534-2 software, i.e Ford/Mazda IDS, Toyota TIS, Jaguar Land rover SDD, GM GDS2, ELM327 etc. Here’s the step-by-step guide on installing Ford IDS V110 software.

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Version: Ford IDS V110.01

Go back to cmd, type keygen.bat, press the spacebar once, then right click, Paste, press enter. (the keygen.bat and the registration key should have a space between them) Reopen GlobalTIS, scroll down to registration section. Copy subscribe ID and License Key by right clicking in cmd, clicking Mark, highlighting text, then pressing enter to copy.

Operating system: Windows 7 32-bit (you can test other systems)

Mar 16, 2018 Go into Device Manager and make note of the COM port used by the adapter. Install the Tis2000 software from the CD included with the Tech2. During the install, it will ask you to specify the COM port. If you have a serial port on the computer, it’s probably COM 1 or use the one from the USB adapter. Workshop manual BMW 1990-2008 (TIS ETK WDS ETM100) Replacing the battery in the key BMW E60, E90, E70, E87, E92, E63, E71. BMW Owner’s Manual. FOR RIGHT HOLDER. Ford Aerostar: Ford B-Max: Ford Bronco: Ford C-Max: Ford Capri: Ford Contour: Ford Cougar: Ford Courier: Ford Crown: Ford E-350: Ford E-450: Ford Econoline: Ford EcoSport: Ford Edge: Ford Engine Manuals: Ford Escape: Ford Escape Hybrid: Ford Escort: Ford Excursion: Ford Expedition: Ford Explorer: Ford F 150: Ford F 250: Ford F 350: Ford F-150. Online file sharing and storage - 15 GB free web space. Easy registration. File upload progressor. Multiple file transfer.

Function: supports Ford diagnostic & programming

What’s new: supports Ford J1850 VPW and J1850 PWM(Ford SCP) protocol

How to install FVDI J2534 Ford IDS V110.01?

Step 1: Install setup
Open software CD or download software

Open IDS-110.01_full setup

Select setup language
Installing this software will require you to restart your computer.
It is strongly recommended that you exit all Windows programs before continuting.
Press Yes to continue

Install Wizard for IDS
Press Next
Accept license agreement
Choose destinatian drive Disck C
Click Install

Ford Tis Cd Free Download

Install complete will generate IDS and VCI Manager program on desktop
Updating the database


Step 2: Install FVDI J2534 driver
Open software folder

Open FVDI_J2534_Ford_Setup Run as Administrator
Select setup language
Choose destination folder

Select components should be installed
Press Next
Select Start Menu Folder

Tick all addtional tasks to perform.
Press Next

Installing FVDI J2534 driver

Installing VS2012 32bit package

Install PL2303 USB to Serial Driver Installer Program
Press Next

Completing the SVCI Passthru Driver setup wizard
Click on Finish

Step 3: Launch FVDI J2534 Ford IDS
Delete IDS and VCI Manager to Recycle Bin

Install device driver software

Open FVDI J2534 for Ford software

Confirm FVDI J2534 interface green LED flashes and PS switch button is pressed down.


PS Push Switch:
Released: works as ELM327 mode
Press: works as J2534 mode )

FVDI Ford will require to enter Dealer type, dealer code and country
Click Tick icon to continue

Now you can use Ford IDS V110 software to diagnose and program

This guide of where to donwload GM Tech 2 TIS2000 software and how to install it.Free version all from Customer support,Big thanks!

TIS2000 free Software
Tis2000 Dongle Crack

Tested version:

TIS2000 with Dongle (working perfect)

How to install TIS2000 software:

Customer solutions.. here you go…try on your own risk

TIS2000 Window XP:

  1. Installed a fresh copy of Windows XP SP3. I didn’t bother with updating anything else as far as security updates to Windows or install a virus scan because this computer will never be connected to the Internet or used for anything else.2. Installed ALL the required drivers until there were no more yellow check marks in Device Manager. I failed to do this at first and caused a lot of headaches later, including a BSOD during software installation.3. If you’re using a USB to serial adapter, plug it in now and set it up. Go into Device Manager and make note of the COM port used by the adapter.3. Install the Tis2000 software from the CD included with the Tech2. During the install, it will ask you to specify the COM port. If you have a serial port on the computer, it’s probably COM 1 or use the one from the USB adapter.4. Before you can use Tis2000 with your Tech2, you have to make it “think” that there is a dongle connected that authorizes it. You can download the crack below. Follow the read me file for instructions on how to use it.

    That’s it.

TIS2000 Windows 8 32 bit:

However, if you have a 32-bit copy of Windows 8 installed (I don’t wanna know why you do), running 16-bit applications are disabled by default. You can enable it by going to Control Panel and clicking on 16-bit Application Support then clicking Enable.

TIS2000 Windows 7 with XP Virtual PC:

For those of you with genuine copies of Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate with a multi-core processor (who doesn’t run Win7 on a multi-core these days); these versions of Windows 7 allow you to use Windows Virtual PC, which lets you virtually run Windows XP Pro without a disc or OS installation. You need to install Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC in order to use it. Before you can download these updates, M$ makes you run a little .exe that checks if your OS install is legitimate. Anyway, after you get that all installed and XP Mode is booted, you can copy the OP’s cracked over to the WinXP Desktop and follow the README.txt inside to install it. Here is a link with the cracked TIS2000…I have tested this on my desktop running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and the cracked copy of TIS2000 the OP posted installed and ran with no problems. Instructions for Win7 XP Pro virtualization mode here:…e-in-windows-7

TIS2000 software Window 64 bit or 32 bit:

64-bit versions of Windows contain backwards compatibility with 32-bit applications, but not with 16-bit applications. And 32-bit versions of Windows are backwards compatible with 16-bit applications. The problem with installing TIS2000 on newer machines is that, while the TIS2000 program itself is 32-bit, the installer and drivers are 16-bit. Therefore, you are able to install TIS2000 natively on ANY 32-bit Windows system. This will just work, without having to run anything in compatibility mode.

Now to the most common problem:

If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Home Premium or lower, or ALL versions of Windows 8 and 8.1, I guess any version of Mac or Linux too, you have a couple of more involved and more risky options…

Ford Tis Cd Free Download Safe

You can obtain a copy of Windows 2000 or XP Pro 32-bit. It includes two programs for making a bootable CD or USB drive. Pop the bootable device you created into your laptop, reboot to the device, then install that operating system onto a seperate partition of your hard drive, or a different hdd altogether. Or you can install Virtualbox (free software), and run the cracked Windows copy via a virtual machine… The method I took to test this was to create a separate partition on my ssd and install it there. When the computer reboots, it will ask you what OS you would like to run. Select Windows XP Pro, then continue installing TIS2000 software. If you’re gonna be writing to the main drive on your computer, I suggest first creating a bootable USB with Clonezilla on it and creating a drive backup with that …This allows you to make a complete backup image of your hard drive, and allows you to flash it back to that drive at any time. A good thing to have around anyway.


IT works!! ok for anyone trying to use the VXDIAG GM nano with SPS this is what you need to do (order is important):

*** please note you cannot use the VM that the VXDIAG package comes with (GDS2 VM). It’s configured in such a way it won’t work with the dongle crack and caused me a lot of head scratching to find this out.

  1. Create awindowsXP 32bit VM using VMWare Player
  2. Make sure you add an LPT port (set to auto, not connected on startup). It doesn’t matter if your actual PC has an LPT port or not this is needed for the dongle crack later.
  3. Install VMWare tools for your VM
  4. After you have the windows VM up and running install the BOSH MDI drivers found here:…-and-mdi-2(the MDI drivers on the driver disk andvxmanagerinstaller wouldn’t install on myxp32bit VM but the one from bosh does).
  5. From the driver disk or from install the VXDIAG MDI package with pass thru driver (VXDIAG MDI manager or VXDIAG Manager)

Download tis_data_1.iso, tis_data_2.iso, GM-NAO-TIS200-3_2008.iso, TIS2000DongleCrack.rar from this: mhhauto) or buy a tested TIS2000 crack such as and the like

Ford Tis Cd Free Download

  1. (files / instructionsin the updated.txt you may need to click the link more than once if you get an error when downloading)
  2. Mount the tis_data_1.iso in your VM (use the virtual cdrom in vmware player and attach to iso file) this will start the auto install of the TIS2000 2007.3 software)
  3. All options can be installed using the default selectionshowevermake sure you check the install checkbox above the parallel security device on the one screen.
  4. After installation is complete you can extract the TIS2000DongleCrack.rar and copy the folder to the desktop of your VM
  5. Go into the TIS2000DongleCrack folder locate the drivers folder and open it, run the DDINST32.EXE (if you get a registry error you didn’t install an LPT port in your VM), select Express and it should install the files then click ok / Exit to close.
  6. Go back to the main TIS2000DongleCrack folder and copy SCAControlUI.exe and Id.dll to c:Program Filescosidsbin (it will prompt to replace id.dll select yes).
  7. Go back to the main TIS2000DongleCrack folder into the Dongle folder and copy the 2 files in there to c:windowssystem32 (the dongle crack is now installed)
  8. Now mount the tis_data_2.iso in your VM (use the virtual cdrom in vmware player and attach to iso file) and open TIS2000 (double click the icon on your desktop) when TIS opens it will ask you if you want to upgrade click yes.
  9. After the upgrade completes mount the GM-NAO-TIS200-3_2008.iso in your VM (use the virtual cdrom in vmwareplayer and attach to iso file) and open TIS2000 ( double click the icon on your desktop) when TIS opens it will ask you if you want to upgrade click yes.
  10. After the upgrade completes you have successfully installed TIS2000 2008.3 and the Dongle crack, now we need to configure TIS to use the VXDIAG GM nano
  11. Open TIS2000 from the icon on your desktop, select Configuration menu from the top and select IO Management.
  12. Click the Driver button, click the Browse button, locate the j2534.dll file in the window and click open (installs the J2534Pass Thru Driver)
  13. Now click the Add button (in IO management) enter exacly “Generic Pass Thru” in Logical Name and select “J2534Pass Thru Driver” in the Driver drop down, click OK.
  14. Select Generic Pass Thru in the list and click Properties, in the Device Name drop down select VXDIAG, (ALLScanner) and click ok then click close to close IO Management.

Now TIS2000 software is installed and configured all you have to do is connect your VXDIAG device to the PC / VM. To do this first use a usb and connect it to the PC then in the VMWare player menu go in removable devices and connect the Future Devices USB to serial converter. At this step my windows install didn’t have the basic usb to serial drivers so I connected the VM to the network (if not connected use the VMWare player menu to connect the network) and windows downloaded them from the net and installed the device as com3. you are now good to go.

At this point you can now click on SPS in TIS2000 select Generic Pass Thru as your device and your good to program!!

Ford Tis Cd Free Download Mac

Satisfied, VXDIAG VCX NANO GM device works as a clone to the GM MDI.

Credits to wizzardsl writing for the how-to’s for us.

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