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Free download game build a lot 3 full version free
Welcome to the Elizabethan Era with this catchy sequel to the Build a Lot game series! In Build a Lot 5 you take the role of a competent master-builder charged to renovate the kingdom of Queen Elizabeth. Village by village, town by town you’ll rebuild worn constructions and modernize the Old England.
Build a Lot 5: Elizabethan Era is a real-estate strategy simulation game. Buy blue prints and lay out villages and towns, upgrade houses and watch the rental income pile up! The game offers two unique modes to play: casual where you can earn money and campaign, allowing progress through time epochs. Enjoy interesting story, bright colorful graphics, immersive audios and hours of simulation fun!
So, are you ready to ensure the Queen Elizabeth legacy?

Download and play free Build-a-lot Games. Become a real estate mogul and build your ideal neighborhood or explore our huge collection of Strategy Games! Towns, and more as you play free Build-a-lot games. Try before you buy! Build-a-Lot: Big Dreams. Every community has big dreams and you are the one to make them happen!

Free Download Game Build A Lot 3 Full Version Torrent

In the real estate world, house flipping is just a cool way of saying you’re going to buy a piece of junk property, fix it up so it’s shiny and new, and then re-sell it for a profit. HipSoft’s popular Build-a-lot games have successfully taken the concept and turned it into an addictive casual strategy series. Earlier installments have you working your property mogul mojo in modern times, with installments focusing on international travel, clean energy, and building award-wining towns. The series’ fifth game, Build-a-lot: The Elizabethan Era, switches things up by journeying back in time.Read more...

Free Download Game Build A Lot 3 Full Version Pc

Walkthrough for Bonus Levels
Here's a guide to achieving super efficiency in the Wales Campaign bonus levels.
North Wales - Level 1
Goals: 3 Tudors, 1 two-star crop farm, Rent 12,000
Build 2 Tudors on your empty lots. Upgrade to 2 stars.Buy the other 2 empty lots. Sell the cottage and cob.Buy 1000 materials.Build another Tudor.Build a crop farm. Train 2 farmers.Buy more materials.Upgrade farm to 2 stars.
North Wales - Level 2
Goals: +30 Happiness, Rent 40,000
Note: You have a lot of time in this level. You can go at a leisurely pace and still achieve super efficiency.
Restore all your houses and sell them one by one.Don't restore the cobs, just demolish them.Buy rundown houses, restore and sell.Buy 1 empty lot. You'll need only 4 lots.Train 3 workers, then another 2, so that you have a total of 9 workers.Buy maximum materials.Build 2 Palaces.Collect rent, buy more materials.Build an Abbey and a Garden.
North Wales - Level 3
Goals: 1 Marketplace, 2 stone-walled Cobs, Money 3 million, 1 three-star Livestock farm.Build a Quarry.Sell the Tudor and demolish the other 2 houses. Don't buy any other houses yet.Buy maximum materials and build a Workshop. Train 3 workers and 1 more worker.Build a Palace and sell it. Keep buying materials and other houses to demolish.Build a Blacksmith and a Marketplace.Build another Palace and upgrade to 3 stars.Build a Stone Mason. Build (or buy) 2 cobs and wall them.Build a livestock. farm and upgrade to 3 stars, training farmers as needed.Build another Palace and sell both to reach 3 million.
North Wales - Level 4
Goals: 1 Pub, 4 four-star Crop Farms, 2 three-star Mansions
Strategy: It will be slow at the start, since you need to build up workers. Once you have a Blacksmith and sell a Palace, it's all smooth sailing. Just keep training farmers to support the farm upgrades. Replace the stone mason with a Pub at the end.
Build a Workshop.Sell the Cottage and demolish the Cob.Train 2 workers. Buy 1000 materials.Build a Mansion and sell it.Buy another 1000 materials and build a Quarry. Buy lots & small houses to demolish.Train 3 workers, buy maximum materials, and build a Blacksmith.Build a Palace and sell it. Keep buying maximum materials and other houses to demolish.Build a Mansion. Buy the other Mansion. Upgrade both to 3 stars.Build 4 crop farms.Build a Stone Mason and wall the farms.Keep training farmers and upgrade the farms to 4 stars.Replace the Stone Mason with a Pub.
North Wales - Level 5
Goals: 1 Theatre, +100 Happiness, Rent 100,000, 1 Marketplace
Strategy: You'll need a Quarry, Workshop, Blacksmith, Stone Mason and Marketplace. Build 3 three-star walled Palaces and 2 walled farms. Replace the 3 buildings with the 3 top amusements. You don't need to buy the 3 biggest houses.
Build a Mansion, collect rent and sell it.Demolish your other houses. Buy lots & other small houses and demolish them.Buy 1000 materials and build a Quarry.Buy maximum materials and build a Workshop.Train 3 workers and build a Blacksmith.Build 3 palaces, upgrade to 3 stars.Build a Marketplace.Build 2 farms.Build a Stone Mason. Wall the palaces and farms.Demolish the Quarry, Workshop and Stone Mason.Replace them with an Abbey, Theatre and Garden.
South Wales - Level 6
Goals: 1 Tax Office, Money 10 million, No empty lots, 3 three-star cottages
Strategy: This is pretty straightforward. You'll need 5 three-star palaces to sell, a Tax Office and 3 three-star cottages.There are more than enough lots to play with.
Build a mansion, collect rent and sell it.Buy 1000 materials and build a Quarry. Buy any lots or cobs and demolish them.Buy maximum materials and build a Workshop. Train 3 workers and build a Blacksmith.Demolish the Workshop and build a Tax Office to help earn income.Build 5 palaces and upgrade to 3 stars. Keep buying maximum materials. Buy all houses except the mansion.Build cottages on your available lots.Demolish the Quarry and replace with another cottage.Sell the Palaces one by one. As you're doing so, upgrade the cottages to 3 stars.
South Wales - Level 7
Goals: 6 crop farms, 6 livestock farms, +200 Happiness, 1 windmill
Strategy: There are 14 lots, and you need 12 farms. To achieve the happiness goal, upgrade all the livestock farms to 5 stars. That means having over 30 farmers to speed up the pace. Concentrate on the livestock farms first, because they have higher happiness than crop farms. For income, build 3-star Palaces and replace them with crop farms when you've bought every house. You'll need a stone mason for walls, just replace it with a windmill at the end.
Build a Mansion, collect rent, then sell it. Demolish your other houses. Buy 1000 materials and build a Quarry.Buy maximum materials and build a Workshop. Hire 3 workers. Build a Blacksmith.Buy other lots & small houses and demolish them. Start building Palaces. Upgrade them to 3 stars.When you have 4 three-star palaces, start building 6 Livestock farms. Hire 3 more workers to speed things up. By now you should own nearly every lot.Upgrade the farms and keep training farmers, one batch after another. Keep buying materials.Buy the next house that comes up for sale and build a stone mason on it.Build stone walls around the farms. Upgrade them to 5 stars. You need over 30 farmers to keep the workflow going.If you own every lot, then you can start demolishing the 4 Palaces to replace them with 4 crop farms. Do this while upgrading on the Livestock farms, because the workers are idle while the farmers are busy.Stock up on materials, then demolish the Quarry and Workshop. Build 2 more crop farms.Build stone walls around them. Add a +2 upgrade for all crop farms. And another +2 for one farm.Replace the stone mason with a windmill.
South Wales - Level 8
Goals: 1 Carpenter, 10 inspections, Money 5 million, 15 empty lots
Strategy: There are 16 lots. You need a quarry, workshop, blacksmith, and carpenter. The rest are palaces upgraded to 3-stars. Inspect 10 palaces, and when nearly at 5 million, demolish everything except for the carpenter.
Build a Quarry.Collect rent, then buy 500 materials. Demolish your 3 smallest houses. Build a Workshop.Sell the Country House & Tudor. With the money, train 3 workers and buy maximum materials.Build a Blacksmith.Start building Palaces. Don't buy any houses (except cobs). You have enough empty lots for now. Save your money for materials (always buy the maximum).Keep building Palaces and upgrade as much as you can. Only when you have over 4 Palaces, should you buy small houses to demolish. Buy all other houses and replace with 3-star Palaces.Train up to 28 workers (you'll need this much to do quick demolitions later). When you no longer need the Quarry & Workshop, demolish them.Build a Carpenter. Inspect 10 palaces (or all if you wish). Wait till your money is over 4 million, then start demolishing all the Palaces.The last to be demolished is the Blacksmith.Be sure not to demolish the Carpenter!
South Wales - Level 9
Goals: 1 Abbey, 1 Marketplace, Rent 125,000, 15 Tudors
Strategy: There are 18 lots. You need 15 for the Tudors, 1 for the Abbey, 1 for the Marketplace. That leaves 1 last space. Even if all 15 Tudors are upgraded to 3 stars, it still won't be enough to reach the required rent, so use the remaining lot for a Palace. To reach 125,000 rent, you'll need: 1 Palace with 3 stars, 11 tudors with 3 stars, and 4 regular Tudors. There's no need to upgrade the last 4 Tudors, especially if you're running out of time.
1. Build a Mansion, collect rent once and sell it.
Demolish all your houses. Buy 1000 materials and build a Quarry.Buy maximum materials and build a Workshop. Train 3 workers.Build a Blacksmith.Build 4 Palaces, always buying the maximum materials.Do the following in no particular order:
Build a Marketplace (this helps generate income).
Train 3 more workers then demolish the Workshop.
Upgrade your Palaces to 3 stars.
Buy smaller houses and demolish them.
Build Tudors on the rest of the lots and upgrade to 3 stars.
When you have enough money, buy the bigger houses and demolish them. Demolish the Palaces except for one. Build Tudors on all remaining lots.Demolish the Quarry and build the Abbey.Demolish the Blacksmith, then build the last Tudor.
South Wales - Level 10
Goals: 6 services, 4 walled mansions, 4 walled palaces, +160 Happiness
Strategy: There are 19 lots. 8 are for the houses, 6 for services, so you can use the remaining 5 to boost happiness. I placed the houses in the center lots since it seems faster for the workers to get there, and with all the upgrades, quick access is important. You should reach +160 happiness with: 4 palaces & 4 mansions, all walled and 3-star, 2 walled farms (no need to upgrade) and 3 top amusements.
Build a Mansion, collect rent once, sell it. Buy the house that goes up for sale immediately, so you can get the full price on the Mansion.Buy 1000 materials and build a Quarry.Buy maximum materials and build a Blacksmith.Build the 4 palaces and upgrade all to 3 stars.Prioritize the palaces, but at the same time, do these in any order:
Buy small houses and demolish.
Build a Workshop & train up to 21 workers.
Build 4 Mansions and upgrade all to 3 stars.
Build a Stone Mason. Wall the palaces & mansions.
Build useful services: Apothecary & Marketplace.
Buy the most expensive houses last, when you have over 1 million. Demolish them, and complete the 6 services.Build 2 farms and wall them.Demolish your 3 buildings and build the 3 top amusements.
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