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An application designed to help you easily convert your old VHS tapes into DVD, AVI or MPEG video files, so as to store and manage them easier

Ultimately, she opted to borrow a VHS-to-DVD converter from a family friend. The process was simple. She connected the VHS-to-DVD converter to the TV, put in the VHS tape, put in a blank DVD and pressed the “Dubbing” button. It was even possible to edit as it was recording, although this involved sitting with it while it was converting. Golden Records Audio Converter is a simple software wizard to help you converts your analog audio from formats like vinyl LPs or audio cassette tapes into CDs or mp3 files. To help get you started with connecting your turntable to your computer and walk you through the conversion process we have put together the following video tutorial. Jul 08, 2019 Golden Videos VHS To DVD Converter Review By Marc Thomas / July 8, 2019 July 8, 2019 / 1 Comment / Software Having read Terry Hollet’s article How To Use EasyCAP TV Capture – Windows 10 the other day, I was prompted to resurrect my own VHS to digital setup to see if I could improve my rather lacklustre attempt.

Golden Videos VHS to DVD Converter keygen or key generator might include a trojan horse cracking open a backdoor on your computer. Hackers are able to use this backdoor to take control over your computer, copy data from a computer or even to make use of a computer to distribute malware and junk mail to other people.

In the past few decades technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, but some of our memories are left behind on outdated technology, such as VHS tapes. Golden Videos is a small program that was built to help you convert such tapes to modern video formats.

Upgrade your existing videos to a new technology

The app has a simple interface and a clean layout, which means it should be easy to figure out by all user.

This program was designed specifically to help users save the contents of their old VHS video cassettes. The entire conversion process was created to be quite easy and intuitive, even for less experienced users.

Intuitive wizard to guide you along the way

After the tool is installed to the system, it lets you follow a step-by-step wizard, which makes everything easy. Among the details that you need to fiddle with are the file format and the target location for the output file.

The app supports several video formats, such as AVI or MPEG, which are very easy to transfer to a DVD. In this manner, all the home videos that you recorded years ago can be viewed again.

However, the program doesn’t just rip the video from cassettes, but also helps restore the image by automatically applying several tools as the file is being converted.

A few last words

The bottom line is that Golden Videos is a nice program that can be useful to have around. Less experienced individuals shouldn’t have anything to worry about, thanks to the intuitive layout.

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QUESTION: How to Convert VHS to DVD?

VHS, also named as the Video Home System, is a standard for consumer-level analog video recording on tape cassettes, has been the hobby of people in the 1970s. However, as the introduction of DVD format in 1997, VHS's market share began to decline, and by 2008, DVD has replaced VHS for its easy preservation on a hard drive, portable disc or even cloud.

So some of you may pose the question:

'How to convert VHS to DVD?'

In this tutorial, we will share three ways to help you transfer VHS to DVD with converter, combo player and DVD recorder.

Before you keep reading the following, you must be familiar with the word, VCR, videocassette recorder or video recorder, because it will appear in the following description frequently. VCR is the necessary tool to record video and play the VHS tape video. In other words, for converting VHS video to DVD, you need to use VCR, the container, to display the VHS tape videos.

Method one: Convert VHS to DVD with DVD recorder

What you need: VCR, DVD Recorder, RCA cable and a blank DVD-R/W disc

The reference price from Amazon:

Magnavox DVD Recorder$294.5
RCA cable$5.99 + shipping cost

This way of transferring VHS to DVD can be explained easily. Just connect your VCR to DVD recorder, and play VHS video in VCR, meanwhile, record the video in DVD.

Check the following steps to copy the VHS videos to DVD:

Step 1 Connect VCR to a DVD recorder

Use the RCA cable to connect VCR to a DVD recorder. You are required to plug the corresponding color outputs on your VCR and the other end of the cable to the inputs on the DVD recorder correspondingly. Commonly there are three colors of the cable to transfer the video and full audio.

Step 2 Insert DVD disc and VHS tapes

Insert VHS tapes into VCR and play it to check if your VHS tapes video files are clean. After that, you need to insert the blank DVD-R/W disc into the DVD recorder.

Step 3 Record VHS to DVD

When the above things are prepared well, press the Play button on VCR, and Record button on DVD recorder at the same time.

If you want to record the part of VHS tape video, just set the video to the point, and start to press the Record button ON DVD recorder.

Method two: Make VHS conversion to DVD with combo Player

What you need: VCR, DVD Recorder, RCA cable and a blank DVD-R/W disc

The reference price is from Amazon:

Sony Scan Combo Player$134.98

In this way, all what you need to prepare is to buy a combo player. And then while play the VHS video on the device, and convert the VHS to DVD video.

Check how it works:

Step 1 Put the VHS tape into VCR deck

Put the VHS video tape into your VCR, and play the video to make sure the quality is good.

Step 2 Insert the disc into combo player

Hook up the VCR/DVD combo player to your TV, and turn it on. Insert the DVD-R disc into the DVD tray, and close the tray.

Step 3 Record VHS to DVD

After making all settings, you just select which way you want to dub (VHS to DVD or DVD to VHS) and press the designated Dub button. Then press the Record button on the DVD side and play on the VCR side to get things going.

Method three: Transfer VHS to DVD with Burnova

What you need: Analog-to-digital adapter, computer with DVD drive, VCR and a blank DVD-R disc

The reference price is from Amazon:

Analog-to-digital adapter$36.99

Burnova is the VHS to DVD converter and creator software compatible with Windows computer. Also, you could also download other DVD converting or burning software, so that it supports convert VHS video to DVD.

In this means, you will need to transfer the VHS video from your VCR to computer with the analog-to-digital adapter, and burn the VHS video into DVD with Burnova.

See how it works:

Step 1 Connect the VCR to the computer.

Get the analog-to-digital adapter to connect VCR and computer together. Connect the redm white and yellow end to the corresponding outputs of the VCR, and insert the other USB end to your computer.

Vhs player

Step 2 Insert the DVD disc to your computer.

Insert the blank DVD-R/RW disc into your computer's DVD drive.

Step 3 Burn VHS video to DVD

Get the VHS tape into your VCR. Run Burnova on your computer, and click 'Add Media File(s)' to import the VHS video from VCR to your computer software, Burnova. Then you can edit the VHS video and edit the DVD menu to start to create VHS video to DVD. For more details to use Burnova to burn video to DVD, you can visit the tutorial of Burnova.

By now, here are the three ways to convert VHS to DVD with machines or software. You can select the best one that you can follow according to your own situations.

Golden Videos Vhs To Dvd Converter Professional Serial Key Software


The above ways that enables you to convert or transfer VHS to DVD are based on DVD copy protection services. You cannot make copies commercially from VHS to DVD.

FAQs of Converting VHS to DVD

1. What is the difference between VHS and DVD?

The Video Home System, which is commonly known as VHS, is a method of storing video files for playback. DVDs (Digital Versatile Discs) also serve the same purpose but in an entirely different way. At the physical level, DVDs are a lot smaller compared to VHS tapes.

2. Can I transfer VHS to DVD?

Yes. You can transfer the VHS video from your VCR to computer with the analog-to-digital adapter, and burn the VHS video into DVD with the VHS to DVD converter and creator software, like Burnova. Also, you could also download other DVD converting or burning software which supports converting VHS video to DVD.

3. How do I copy a VHS movie?

Golden Videos Vhs To Dvd Converter Reviews

Place a small piece of tape over the blank square on the front section of the VHS tape if you merely want to record over its contents. Purchase a dual-deck VCR. These generally feature programming that will disable VHS copy protection.

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Golden Videos Vhs To Dvd Converter Professional Serial Key Finder

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