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The is back with an expansion pack featuring the streets of London with all new cars, weapons and missions all set in the era of 1969. As the game programmers use the same game engine as the first GTA, fans of the Grand Theft Auto series will love this expansion, especially as the GTA London was not widely available in every country around at the time of it's release. This was the first release of an expansion pack in the GTA series and the.

Download GTA 4 Apk. Play GTA 5 on your Android device now. Head over the page and download GTA 5 APK + SD Data files for free. Gta 5 Android Apk Download Free GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) is a part of world famous download GTA 5 Apk game series, basically, GTA 5 Apk has a series of Gangster games which is well known by everyone. GTA 5 APK: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the most popular role playing and action game available on android. This game has great story line. It is an open world game with a lot of great features. Explore the biggest map and discover the mysterious places. The 3D graphics of this game are so intense and stunning.

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Both requiring the original GTA game disc to run. GTA London 1969 was released on PC as well as the original.

  1. Then you have to download the apk format of GTA V (14.6MB) and the Gta 5 Apk data (2.6 GB).zip click on the Green Download Button. Gta London For Android Zip File Of Grand. Now Can easily Download the zip file of Grand Theft Auto V for Android. There are a geen download button above the title which will redirects to our download server.
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Gta London Download For Android

You play the role of a gangster involved in organized crime, once again taking phone calls from mob bosses in a phone booth. Like in any GTA you can play 'normally' and do the missions or assume the role of a madman with an uzi and rocket launcher, go berserk, run pedestrians down without any mercy and then take on the cops to finish it all off. We all have our own way of playing GTA and that is what makes this still a great game and a hard to find expansion pack still worth checking out. If you liked for some strange reason, then you will most likely like this game too.

The graphics are barf worthy just like the first one, and driving on the other side of the road constantly is troublesome. The missions are more exciting than in the original, but like the first one if you fail one you can't try it again. And if you fail too many missions than you have to go around for 5 hours and slowly crawl up your score to meet the requirement to beat the level. There is hidden missions like in the original but they are incredibly hard to find without the aid of a map and are sometimes ridiculously stupid. Also the multiplayer sucks.


Yes I have actually played GTA London online and it was terrible. It lags even if both computers are in the same house. It largely consists of running your friend over and finding the rocket launcher and proceeding to blow him up.

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The map is boring but it doesn't give you a headache like the original did.