How To Clean A Crack Pipe With Rubbing Alcohol


Use the pipe cleaner to help dislodge any stubborn pieces, but be gentle so as not to damage the piece. Combine rubbing alcohol and salt in your plastic bag. Place your pipe into the bag with the alcohol solution and shake shake shake. The more you shake, the better it will work. Plan on gyrating that bag for at least 2 minutes.


So all us rock enthusiasts know that unlike weed resin which sucks and is a last resort, crack resin can be the best hits you’ll get if done right. I thought it may be useful to start a Convo on methods people use to increase how much resin builds up in the stem as u smoke. If there is already a post addressing this then my apologies I found some general smoking tips but nothing on this specifically.
Ill kick it off with some of my tricks,):

1: don’t push the chore through until the very end when ur outta rocks and ready to take res hits. Resin builds up better if there is more resin for it to stick to; plus you’ll really appreciate having all that goodness when u run out more than u will while ur holding.

2:Don’t go crazy burning the crape outta ur stem holding the lighter to it forever like most folks do. Whatever u have in there melts fast and keeping the flame on it for more than 6 to 10 seconds is not only unnecessary, it will heat up ur stem to where ur melting that precious oil u want to build up. Plus overheating the pipe repeatedly will cause ur pipe to crack (no pun intended) and break faster. The longer ur stem is the more surface area for resin to collect. If u want to make the most of each hit, hold it in as long as u can instead of burning the crap outta it.

How To Clean A Crack Pipe With Rubbing Alcohol How To

2.5: On the same note of not overhearing the stem, wait long enough between hits for it to cool off. If u let the oil cool off it hardens and gets sticky which causes it to accumulate even more resin. Also You’ll get a better rush from each hit if u wait till you relax a lil. My rule is at least 5 minutes between blasts or longer. I generally wait till the high is totally worn off and I get that anxious comedown feeling. Plus ur stuff lasts way longer that way.

3: Don’t let any smoke escape the pipe after ur done inhaling. Usually the pipe is still smoking after a hit. Have a flat metal surface or anything that will seal the hot side without melting and block the other end with ur thumb. Trapping the smoke means that it’ll stick where u want it instead of blowing in the wind.

4: Don’t make ur chore too long. Make ur chore somewhere between a quarter and a half inch so it wont grab all that resin and it lets more oil seep through into the pipe.

5: When ur all outta rocks and ready to push the chore to the other end, stick the stem in the freezers for about 45 seconds or until it gets ice cold. Cold makes glass contract so the chore is tighter in there. That way the chore leaves less behind as u push it through. Just make sure u let it return to room temp before taking ur hit so otherwise the rapid change in temp can rupture the glass.


How To Clean A Crack Pipe With Rubbing Alcohol &

Crack is soluble in acetone. Wash your glass stem out in acetone (not nail varnish – the purer the better) and allow it to evaporate on a glass dish with large surface area. Scrape up residue and smoke.

Don’t use acetone if your smoking device contains anything plastic as most if not all plastics will dissolve to some degree in acetone.