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  1. GTA SA Cheater APK Download For Android. No Doubt, GTA San Andreas APK is super fun without having any cheats, just playing by the rules, completing missions and side tasks to unlock weapons, increase stats and get new vehicles. But deep down we all know how to make this game more fun to play and unleash its full potential.
  2. To enter cheats for non-native Android games, in this case, GTA 3, our mobile device must support USB OGT and have a keyboard, either USB or Bluetooth, connected to the mobile device. Another way is through a virtual keyboard, with applications such as GamePad, so that codes can be typed in during the game.
  3. At first Download and Open GameKeyboard apk. Then click on Step 1 by tapping on it, you will be going to Language and input, Only select Default keyboard to Game Keyboard + if you don’t want to use a cheat code. If you want to use only cheats then just click on Show keyboard after exit, make sure that you have minimized GTA: Vice City, GTA: 3.



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GTA Vice City Cheats For Android Mobile Free Download. GTA Vice City for Android is a great game but you can't use cheat codes in the game like the PC version. Cheat codes in GTA Vice City will open up a lot more fun for you. The cheat codes in GTA Vice City on Android and GTA Vice City on PC are the same. Download JCheater GTA III Edition apk v1.8 from 5kapks. We provide free JCheater GTA III Edition for android phones and tablets latest version. You can download JCheater GTA III Edition free just 0ne click. 5kapks provides mod apks, obb data for android devices, best games and apps collection free of cost.


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Like most action games, Grand Theft Auto 3 (GTA3) also consists of many small tasks. You need to help the boss, kill criminals who sell drugs, steal cars, etc. You can’t choose a task here, but it will turn out to find a way to solve it.

Gta 3 Cheat Codes

Unlike most action games, you cannot select a task, but you can choose the means to complete it. Here it is allowed to kill and beat people, to make raids and thefts. Police will always be on the heels of the criminal. You need to learn how to avoid persecution. If you feel that the main line is too close, you can stop, take a walk and even create your own tasks.

Game features

Download GTA 3 for Android gamers seek from a teenager to an adult.

Many have heard of the saga. There are enough participants who were able to go through some versions. Despite the created parts, all are combined into one storyline. There is a hero who performs not quite legitimate missions to defeat the mafia and their boss.

The GTA San Andreas app is a favorite of all time. He returned to us in a new guise. Now available for Android smartphones and tablets. You can again fight with gangs, kill, carry out armed attacks and thefts. Have you been waiting for this?


Adventure game was released back in 2004. The first job is the PS2 console. Over time, developers have proposed versions for PC and gadgets. After a decade, this is still one of the best games we have ever played.

It all starts in San Andres. In 1992, Carl Johnson decided to return to his hometown after years of absence. The event was the death of a mother. Her death was mysterious, so the son decided to investigate the murder and punish the offenders. The staff meets him unkindly. The police accuse the man of mortal sin. The pursuit begins. You have to wander in three states (Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas) to clear your name, avenge the death of your mother and protect the rest of the family.

How To Download Gta 3 Cheats For AndroidGrand Theft Auto 3 OBB games: unzip the folder from archive into /sdcard/Android/obb/
Download Grand Theft Auto 3:
DOWNLOAD APK v1.8 (11.5 Mb)