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  • ISRCView 1.4
    ISRCView is a software program that displays ISRC codes on CDs and unencrypted DVDs, as well as table of contents and other disc information. Features: -Displays the Table of Contents of any CD, including Enhanced and Mixed Mode CDs, and will show the ...
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    Abdio PDF Reader 5.5
    Abdio PDF Reader is a professional reader for PDF documents. You can zoom in/out or rotate page display, copy text information to other applications, search text in PDF documents, or print PDF documents
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    Cool PDF Reader 3.02
    Cool PDF Reader is the world's smallest PDF viewer and reader to view and print PDF files, and convert PDF's to TXT, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, WMF, EMF, EPS. It is only 808KB to download and doesn't need lengthy installation, just download, unzip, and run.
  • Free PDF Reader 1.1
    Free PDF Reader is a free windows application for reading and viewing pdf documents. Free PDF Reader supports multi view mode, page rotation, text copy, page snapshot, PDF printing and several advanced features.
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    Bytescout BarCode Reader
    Reads barcodes: QR Code, Code 39, Code 128, EAN 13, Datamatrix, PDF 417, MICR, Telepen, Interleaved 2 of 5, QR Code, PDF 417, UPCA, UPCE, Codablock, Aztec, and others Bytescout BarCode Reader is able to read barcode from image (PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF) ...
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    Dolphin SuperNova Screen Reader
    SuperNova Screen Reader has been developed for computer users who are blind and can be used at home, at work and in education. Developed for blind computer users, SuperNova Screen Reader is a software screen reader that works by reading the screen interactively ...
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    VIP Rumor RSS Reader 4.4.0
    VIP Rumor RSS Reader is a totally FREE news aggregator or feed reader that utilize web feed technology to retrieve syndicated web content like blogs, podcasts, videologs, and typical media websites , or a customized set of search results. VIP Rumor ...
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    Dolphin SuperNova Reader Magnifier
    SuperNova Reader Magnifier is ideal for people with low vision or deteriorating sight, at home, at work and in education. Offering all the benefits of a screen magnifier, SuperNova Reader Magnifier also offers added speech output to provide extra support ...
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    PST File Reader Free 1.0
    The pst file reader services, powered by PST Repair tool, represent an intelligent solution against the corruption of Microsoft Outlook files, caused by any reason. The absence of compatibility issues allows using Recovery Toolbox for Outlook on any ...
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    Projekt Planner Reader 2.0
    The Project Planner reader allows the PPR files to be viewed as Gantt charts, Network diagrams, Cost / Resource graphs etc. In order to understand how you and your customers can benefit from the project planner reader and SmartWorks please go through ...
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    Mobipocket Reader 6.2
    Mobipocket Reader is the powerful tool which allows you to handle all your digital texts with ease. With this smart tool, you can arrange all your eBooks, eNews, your own eDocs on your computer. It also lets you read and download eBooks from eBook stores ...
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    Go PDF Reader 1.9
    Go PDF Reader is a lightweight, open-source alternative to other PDF reading tools, including Adobe Reader. It may not have all the functions and features that you enjoy in similar tools, but it will open much faster and will take up much fewer resources ...
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    Kernel Yahoo Archive Reader
    Kernel Yahoo Archive Reader is a proficient Yahoo Messenger Archive Reader that allows users to decode and read archived messages such as instant messages, conferences and mobile messages. This small yet powerful Yahoo archive reader has got the excellent ...
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    Zipfocus zip file reader 6.5
    Zipfocus is a small, portable, zip reader/viewer/extractor suitable for general use or the restoration of backups. Main features: - Zipfocus is suitable for all versions of Windows (95/NT4 onwards). - The download package includes an installation program ...
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    soft Xpansion Perfect PDF Reader
    soft Xpansion Perfect PDF Reader is a powerful alternative to Adobe Reader, offering additional features. With this program, you can fill PDF forms, comment and sign PDF documents, then save them as PDF files or send via email. You can also export pages ...
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    E-Text Reader 10.0
    E-Text Reader is much more than just a software tool to let you read electronic texts. In fact, this comprehensive program devised by Premier Literacy (formerly known as Premier Assistive Technology) is also a text editor, a PDF converter, and even a ...
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    Sorax Reader 2.0
    Small and fast free PDF reader. Fast launch speed and a lot of features. Printing PDF files Zooming in and out, rotating displayed pages - Displaying document bookmarks and page thumbnails, Selecting text on the viewed page, copying to clipboard; Searching ...
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    free PDF Page Flip Reader 3.2
    This free PDF Page Flip Reader is an excellent and attractive alternative to standard PDF viewing and reading tools, including Reader by Adobe. This application transforms your standard PDF files into animate e-books with the appearance of a printed ...
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    TI-Reader Converter 1.0
    The TI-Reader Converter PC software allows you to download to your calculator entire sections of annotated text from works by the likes of Shakespeare. This easy-to-use PC software also allows you to create notes and highlight text. In addition, with ...
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    ACR122U NFC Reader SDK 1.1
    The ACR122U NFC Reader is a PC-linked contactless smart card reader/writer developed based on the 13.56 MHz Contactless (RFID) Technology. Compliant with the ISO/IEC18092 standard for Near Field Communication (NFC), it supports not only Mifare® ...
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    Altarsoft PDF Reader 1.0
    Altarsoft PDF Reader is a shareware reader for PDF (eBook) documents. You can view and print PDF documents with it. Altarsoft PDF Reader is small (the download size around than 1MB), so you can download it quickly. It doesn't need any lengthy installation, ...
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    soft Xpansion PDF Quick Reader 5.0
    PDF Quick Reader is a versatile PDF Reader with functionality that goes beyond conventional reader software. This software supports conversion in the form of Export functionality. As a Reader utility it allow PDF files to be opened, accessed and read ...
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    K-SOL Project Reader 4.2
    Project Reader can show the projects created with Microsoft Project and stored in MPP format, XML format or in the database format. It enables to view the project data in the form of Gantt Diagram, Tracking Gantt, Resource Sheet, Task Usage and Resource ...
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    Mobipocket Reader for PC 4.7
    Mobipocket Reader for PC is a great program that will keep your books and pieces of information organized and up to date. Mobipocket Reader for PC can get information from the net through eNews. eNews are pieces of information marked in the net as rss ...
  • Isrc Code Free Download Free

    No, if you decide to become a registrant. You pay a small (one-time) fee to become a registrant. If you apply to your agency to become a registrant, they’ll give you a unique code (3 letters) which will allow you to generate ISRC codes as and when you release music.

    Your registrant code forms part of every ISRC code you’ll generate for your music. It’s always the 3 letters that come after the country code in an ISRC

    Have a look at the code breakdown above, if you’re not certain.

    If you’re not sure how to create ISRC codes from your registrant letters, ask your national ISRC agency for help.

    I would recommend becoming a registrant if you’re considering starting your own record label.

    If you’re an indie artist or producer releasing a couple of singles per year or an EP/Album every few years digitally, it’s not necessary to go through the administration process of becoming a registrant and paying the fee.

    What is an ISWC Code?

    The other acronym you might come across when releasing music is the ISWC code, which stands for International Standard Work Code. This code is assigned to the composition in the sound recordings and music video recordings; the music and lyrics.

    Don’t be too concerned with ISWC codes as your PRO (Performing Rights Organization) – which you should already be a member of by the way – allocates these when you register your compositions with them.

    If you have a publisher, they can also allocate ISWC codes.

    What Else?

    Aside from music, most other forms of audio media need an ISRC code:

    Isrc Code Free Download 2019

    Audiobooks – Yes, Audiobooks need an ISRC code. In fact, they’ll need one for each chapter of the book, if they’ve divided the chapters into individually recorded tracks.

    Podcasts – Each episode of a podcast will need an ISRC code.

    Music Videos – Although music videos are created for the visuals, they still have a recording attached to it. Music videos need their own unique ISRC codes to be identified.

    Pretty much anything that is an audio-based product needs an ISRC code.

    Recap & Final Thoughts

    • ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code.
    • It’s necessary for all commercial music to have an ISRC code.
    • One unique ISRC code is created and assigned to every song that is released. The ISRC code will ensure you receive your royalties.
    • To obtain ISRC codes for your music, contact your national ISRC agency or get ISRC codes for free when using a digital distributor.
    • You can also become a registrant by registering with your national ISRC agency (you have to pay a small fee), to generate your own ISRCs whenever you need to.
    • ISWC stands for International Standard Work Code. These codes are similar to ISRC codes but are assigned to compositions rather than sound recordings.

    Most audio-based products need an ISRC code.

    If you’re releasing music yourself, managing an artist or hoping to create your own record label, you need to understand the importance of ISRC codes. If you don’t use them, distributors and retailers won’t even consider distributing your music. Even if they did, you wouldn’t get paid because there’s no way of identifying your music, tracking the volume of sales or usage.

    Accurate metadata management has always been of huge importance in the music industry. Metadata is predominantly used to identify and pay rights holders, songwriters, producers, engineers and musicians. ISRC’s are fundamental to any commercial music’s metadata files.

    There’s no workaround. You must get a code for every track you release. It doesn’t matter if you get them via your digital distribution or via a national agency, just get them.

    Free Isrc Code Online

    Hope It Helped!

    If you want more information on ISRC codes, get in touch with us or contact your national ISRC agency or the IFPI.

    We hope you enjoyed this article and that ISRC codes are clearer for you now! Feel free to share it with others if you think it would help them too.
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