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The BC 3000 Plus Hematology Analyzer, which we present to our clients is comprehensive of high quality and is widely acknowledged in the market due to their affordable pricing. Other Details: BC-3000Plus is an analyzer for the mainstream laboratory that prioritizes quality results. Equipped with a large, color LCD Display, built-in thermal printer and huge storage capacity, our user-friendly. The adapter incorporates two FPC/FFC connectors, J2 and J3. J2 is for the BC-3000 Plus display while J3 is reserved for other Mindray analyzers. Only J2 is installed for the BC-3000 Plus. J1 serves to connect the LCD signal cable. Auto Hematology Analyzer Service Manual (V1.2) 2-23. Mindray Datascope AS-3000 Service manual 3.5 MB Download prohibited by Mindray. Mindray Wato EX-65 Service manual 34.5 MB Download prohibited by Mindray. Mindray Wato EX-65 Disassembling manual 4.4 MB Download prohibited by Mindray. NAD Narkomed 2A Service manual 4.8 MB Download Ohmeda Modulus II Plus Service and user manual 20.5 MB Download. The photocoupler, TLP521-2, isolates the digital ground from the power ground. Drive circuit of valves and pumps The drive voltage of the valves and pumps is 12V (TTL). The circuit mainly consists of ULN2068. In the BC-3000 Plus, the circuit can drive 18 valves and 2 pumps at most.

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Hematology Analyzer

Probably It is one of the most cost effective hematology analyzer In this range worldwide. A small analyzer with high end software only found In sophisticated instruments, providing greatest comfort to professionals. BC-2300 is a compact and economical hematology analyzer that qualifies for routine CBC tests with excellent accuracy and easy operation. Integrated automatic dilution can simplify the pre-test handling of capillary samples.

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-Dr Najm
3 years ago
3 years agoMindray BC-2300 Manuals
Hi, I need help. Please send to me Mindray BC-2300 user Manuals. I'll be Thankful to you.Reply
3 years ago
3 years agoErrors
We always get 3 error codes that keep popping up are:Abnormal BackgroundHgb AdjustWBC BubblesIt is not always all three together. The Abnormal Background is the one that will not go away at all. I have zapped and flushed the apperatures more than 4x, the fluids are running perfectly through the analyzer, and the baths have been cleaned.Any suggestions?Reply


4 years ago
4 years agoWorking with Mindray - BC-2300
Can You send on my e-mail the instructions for exploatation, maintenance and work with the Hematology Analyzer Mindray BC-2300.Thank you in advance.Margarita Reply

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Mindray Bc 3000 Plus User Manual Pdf File

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Mindray Passport 8 User Manual

  • 2 counting mode: Whole blood and prediluted
  • Throughput: 30samples/hr
  • Automatic clog removal and automatic recount function
  • Up to 10,000 patient results (including histograms) can be stored
  • Built in diluter and thermal printer
  • 7.5' inch Color LCD display