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PLC dealing with for so many years, often met with some beginners asked about the difference between PLC Siemens PLC and Mitsubishi PLC, there are many novice distress to choose which brand to learn, share this article the difference between Siemens PLC and Mitsubishi PLC to everyone.
First, the concept of different programming

Mitsubishi plc is a Japanese brand, intuitive programming, it would be relatively easy to learn, but more instruction. Siemens plc is a German brand, more abstract instruction, learning more difficult, but less instruction, so learning and learning Mitsubishi Siemens cycle is the same.
Personally I think Mitsubishi (high-end Japanese brand) PLC Siemens software behind at least more than five years, and medium-sized Leaving aside, took advantage of the comparative Mitsubishi FX series minicomputers and Siemens S7-200 series, compared with the following Siemens Advantage:
1, Mitsubishi programming software from the early FXGPWIN to recent GX8.0 (I know the latest), and all the Japanese brands, the software programming ideas a single vertical structure from top to bottom, and Siemens MicroWIN it is both vertical and horizontal structures, and subroutines support local variables, the same functions can be programmed once the program can greatly reduce development effort and time.
2, S7-200 has been the strong support floating-point operations, programming software directly supports decimal input and output, and until recent years, Mitsubishi FX3U series introduced only this function, the previous FX2N series of floating-point capabilities are false.
3, S7-200 analog input and output process is very simple, AD, DA values ​​can be programmed without direct access, and former Mitsubishi FX2N series requires very cumbersome FROM TO instruction. FX3U down now support this feature, but a full five years or more late.


The largest communications range between the USB-SC09 programming cable and the PLC is up to two kilometers (9600 bps)。. The user must follow the self-made plans to extend cable. Transmission Line should be 0.22mm2 or more, twisted pair wire. When the distance is over 2,000 m, RS422 repeater (model: E485GA, products of FOURSTAR as well)could.

4, of course, Mitsubishi FX2N series has its own advantages, one high-speed counter instruction convenient than S7-200, the second is more than 422 Siemens PPI port rugged (200 series because of non-PPI port optically isolated, non-standard operation and generic programming cable may cause damage to the serial port).
The above comparison merely minicomputer, as the Siemens 300 and 400 series and the larger TDC series, needless to say up here.
Learn PLC, Mitsubishi is very easy to use, because the simple idea to go straight, but from the perspective of learning, Siemens is definitely better.
Second, different chips
This is mainly reflected in the capacity and speed of operation. Siemens CPU226 program capacity 20K, the data capacity of 14K; Mitsubishi FX2N a total of only 8K, later 3U actually improved.
Siemens CPU226 and CPU224XP standard configuration that is 2 485 PPI port, the maximum communication speed of 187.5K; and Mitsubishi all series FX3U is a 422 before, but the speed is 9.6K. If you need even a smart meter what you must purchase another FX2N0-485BD other special modules. And two communication ports can be a link to download the data cable connected to a touch screen debugger, or you will disconnect the touch screen cable to connect a touch screen and then the data line, back and forth adjustment process is very cumbersome.
Third, the control of the different strengths
Siemens strengths are process control and communication control, Siemens analog modules are inexpensive, simple procedures, and Mitsubishi analog modules are expensive, complicated procedures, Siemens Communications is also easy to do, simple procedures, Mitsubishi in this function is weak. (Today’s signal is forwarded: ITVID Warranty: half replacement, 5-year warranty and lifetime maintenance)

Mitsubishi Fxgpwin Download

Mitsubishi has the advantage of discrete control and motion control, Mitsubishi’s instruction rich, special positioning instructions, control servo and stepper easy to implement some complex motion control is the strengths of Mitsubishi, Siemens will in this weak no special instructions, do not servo or stepper positioning control can not be achieved, but the complexity of the procedure, the control accuracy is not high.

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For example, a device just some motion control, such as a robot, you can choose Mitsubishi PLC, a device for a servo or stepper positioning control, also selected Mitsubishi PLC. Like central air conditioning, sewage treatment, temperature control and other such election will have a lot of Siemens PLC analog to deal with more appropriate to use a data communications equipment on the site have a lot of instruments for the collection, choose a good control of Siemens.
So for different devices in different control methods, we want a reasonable selection of PLC, with their strengths and avoid their weaknesses.