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Nissan Connect Radio

  • Turn the ignition switch ON.
  • When the radio is turned on 'Serial number', 'Device number' and 'Date'. should display on the radios display. (Please see image for reference).
  • If this screen does not show it will after 3 incorrect input attempts.
  • Please make note of this number, as this is what is require to unlock your radio.

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How Do You Bypass The Radio Code On A Nissan

Nissan Daewoo Radio

Nissan Qashqai Radio Code Unlock Free Online

  • Turn the ignition switch ON.
  • To get the information we need to decode your radio, you will need to enter an incorrect code in 3x times. For example, enter: 1-2-3-4.
  • After the third incorrect code is entered the radio will lock for 60 minutes, but the information needed will display on-screen.
* Some Daewoo radios will need to be removed to obtain the proper date, due to a manufacturing error. The date one the display does not match the correct date on the radios label.Step 2 - What to do next
  • The 'Serial number', 'Part number' and 'Prod Date'. should display on the radios display. (Please see image for reference).
  • Please make note of all the information (including the date as displayed), as you will need this number for the form on the next page.

Nissan Clarion Radio

Clarion radios must be removed to gain access to the label on the back, this is simple and requiresremoval keys as they free the head unit from the mount.

Once your radio is removed there will be a label on the back, this is where your serial number & part number will be located.

For further help in removing your Nissan Clarion radio, please see thisYouTube video

Nissan Qashqai Uk

Nissan radio label examples:

To find your Nissan serial number, you will need to remove the radio using radio release keys. Once the radio has been removed you will need to locate the radios label, which is on the top or side of the radios casing.