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Most popular social media apps are faced with unauthorized third-party apps and Snapchat is no exception. The apps basically use your Snapchat login information (username and password) to access Snapchat services, instead of using a secure connection like apps connected with the official Snap Kit do.

These apps go against Snap’s terms of service to use any unauthorized third-party apps or plugins with Snapchat. They can easily put your account — and your friends’ accounts — at risk! Any plugin, or “tweak,” is an add-on that creates additional functionalities not included in the official Snapchat app.

Snapchat is an app that keeps you in touch with friends and family thanks to its interactive multimedia messaging system. Share your favorite events live or record them as video messages that automatically disappear without leaving a trace after a few seconds.

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  • Phantom for Snapchat is a modified app that provides lots of extra functionality to Snapchat, one of the most popular messaging apps of all time. Downloading Phantom for Snapchat cannot be done through the iOS app store, but users also get it through one of the external app installers called TweakBox.
  • Yes, you can share content from your external HDD/USB Drive. Please connect your external HDD/USB drive to your Jio Home Gateway or Jio Set Top Box, then the HDD/USB will be visible in the list of connected devices in the JioHome App within the JioFiber WiFi network and the content can now be easily played and shared with anyone on the same network.
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  • The app is already available for iOS and Android via their respective app stores and it is now available for JioPhone users as well via JioStore that is home to all the apps and games for JioPhone. Although the Jio Phone runs KaiOS, the KaiOS app store still does not have the app listed in it.

So if you use them or have them installed on your device, you may have trouble logging in — or your Snapchat account may even get locked. This means if your Snapchat account has been locked, it may mean they’ve detected some activity from your account that they prohibit. This is done to keep Snapchat fun and safe for everyone.

These are the unauthorized third-party Snapchat apps that you must not use to avoid your account from being suspended

1. SCOthman

Snapchat SCOthman is a modded version of Snapchat that allows you to precisely do that: save in your iPhone’s camera roll as many snaps as you want. It also comes along with other functions like; the ability to view the snaps sent by your contacts without marking them as read, access stories in incognito mode and save chat conversations without any trouble.

It’s not the first app to leapfrog this restriction but it’s one of the very few alternatives available for iOS.

2. Snapchat++

This supports both iPhone and Android Phones. It allows users to save friends snaps, stories and images. You can mute someone in your friends list, you can see your friend’s snaps stories without them knowing among other features.

3. Phantom

Phantom for Snapchat is a modified app that provides lots of extra functionality to Snapchat, one of the most popular messaging apps of all time. Downloading Phantom for Snapchat cannot be done through the iOS app store, but users also get it through one of the external app installers called TweakBox.

4. Sneakaboo

This is another Snapchat hack with over 2.5 million downloads. Its mainly iOS and you can use it for ; Sending snaps and stories using the feature rich camera and editor, Supports both photos and videos, Supports Snaps and Stories, You can send your own snaps, even from your camera roll/photo album, Front flash feature, send video’s longer than 10 seconds. The official Snapchat app will only show the first 10 seconds of your video. Longer video’s can be viewed using Snakaboo.

5. SnapTools

SnapTools is a Snapchat modification xposed module, which aimed at bringing snap saving, lens collection and other features. SnapTools official development was shut down due to a DMCA order by Snap Inc. The SnapTools source code has however been released and properly commented on Github. The developer community however remains active for users that want to continue the project themselves. The SnapTools team claims is now no longer associated with any public or private forks.

Snapchat app download free jio phone

6. Emulator

This tools allows users to send pictures to all your friends using Snapchat on your PC and Mac. Instead of dealing with the tiny screens of smartphones or mobile devices, Emulator enables users to enjoy the larger viewing area of their computer screen using this Emulator. Instead of using your fingers to navigate and control picture viewing, you simply use your mouse, allowing for better views of images sent to you. By using your computer’s camera, you can capture better quality images and videos to send out to your best friends.

There you have it, some of the apps you should avoid as a Snapchat user. Its highly recommended that you uninstall any unauthorized third-party apps or plugins you’ve been using as soon as possible to avoid your account from being suspended. Be sure to change your password to keep your account secure.

Its important to note that even after you delete an unauthorized third-party app, you may continue to experience difficulty logging in for sometime until the issue resolves itself.

For iPhone users, some unauthorized apps may not uninstall correctly on jailbroken devices, so you may need to upgrade your device to a newer OS version, or remove the jailbreak from your device to fully remove these apps.

Video games are the indivisible part of any smartphone devices, even if it is a low end mobile or high end mobile. Reliance Jio have their apps available from playstore. But they have no any game developed for theu users. Jio Games are on the track, we can assume, the Jio developers may or may not have the plan to develop. Jio Games are one app that allows you to play a bunch of games under that one application. You need not to find the right games for you.

Jio Games – For Jio Phone and Jio SIM inserted smartphones.

The small Jiophones are now ready to be built with the JioGames. The games installed on the Jio phone is called Jio game. Many users are playing the game very funny. The new version of games are available with Jio phone and Jio is on developing the Jio Phone 3 smartphone series and have in built installed Jio games for free.


Snapchat App Download For Jio Phone

  • Jio Games is an app for the users to play many games on that application itself.
  • You need not to search, install, and uninstall the games, instead this JioGames platform will have a bunch of games so that you can play as your favorite one on that platform.
  • In this platform, you can play a variety bunches of games such as racing, shooting, Actions, Casual sports, Arcade, board, adventure, educational, puzzle etc.
  • you will get quick access on games in just a single tap on the game name button.
  • This app is available and in built on all Jio phones. The playstore does not contain the Jio game application.
  • You need not to pay any amount while playing all those games, Play for free.
  • Updates are available if there are couple of games are added on Jio Games platform.
  • No need to sign up, you just have to insert Jio SIM on the mobile handset to enjoy the games free.

You need not to make any app permission, or any media permission in order to play the games on the platform. All the smartphone users are not allowed to install this. If your device is not compatible, the playstore page will show you that the device is not compatible to download and install JioGames on the device.

Jio App Download For Windows

In short, When you go to the Jio games page on the google playstore from your high end smartphones, you cannot find the app, instead when you are visit the page Via the mobile phone of Jio brand, you can get download, install updates etc actions can be performed.


Why Not Available for smartphones.

The high quality smartphone users can be able to download and install many best games on their device. But Jio games are exclusively developed for the Jio phone users. That is a keypad mobile and not a smartphone. Now users are waiting for the Jio Phone 3 after Ji o phone 2, where the version 3 can be include in the smartphone category. not yet released the smartphone Jio phone 3.

Jio Mobile App

How to download Jio Games on Jio handset

Snapchat App Download For Jio Phone Download

It is very easy to download, or install updates of JioGames. For this, go to any web browser available on Jio phone. and then go to the google, and search for Jio games. you can see the list of websites, and from there go to the playstore link. Now just tap on “Install” button. this button is only visible if you have not already installed the app, if you have installed, you can see “Update” if your installed app is out of date.

Jio App Download

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