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STAAD.Pro manuals in.pdf format The 'Bridge Deck' tab is greyed out in STAAD.Pro The Catalog Manager Service is stopped / Bentley Structural Property Catalog Manager is not connected. Staad Pro 2007 Tutorial Pdf. Staad Pro Foundation Tutorial Pdf. Feb 17, 2014 STAAD Pro is a 3D modelling, and analyzing software offered to you by Bently Systems inc,USA. Many great structures like Burj Khalifa in UAE has been designed and analyzed using STAAD Pro. It can design structures using several codes available throughout the world.


STAAD.Pro 2006



A Bentley Solutions Center

STAAD. Pro 2006 is a suite of proprietary computer programs of Research Engineers, a Bentley Solutions Center. Although every effort has been made to ensure the correctness of these programs, REI will not accept responsibility for any mistake, error or misrepresentation in or as a result of the usage of these programs.

RELEASE 2006, Build 1005 2006 Bentley Systems, Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.

Published July, 2007

About STAAD.ProSTAAD.Pro is a general purpose structural analysis and design program with applications primarily in the building industry - commercial buildings, bridges and highway structures, industrial structures, chemical plant structures, dams, retaining walls, turbine foundations, culverts and other embedded structures, etc. The program hence consists of the following facilities to enable this task. 1. Graphical model generation utilities as well as text editor based commands for creating the mathematical model. Beam and column members are represented using lines. Walls, slabs and panel type entities are represented using triangular and quadrilateral finite elements. Solid blocks are represented using brick elements. These utilities allow the user to create the geometry, assign properties, orient cross sections as desired, assign materials like steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, specify supports, apply loads explicitly as well as have the program generate loads, design parameters etc. Analysis engines for performing linear elastic and pdelta analysis, finite element analysis, frequency extraction, and dynamic response (spectrum, time history, steady state, etc.). Design engines for code checking and optimization of steel, aluminum and timber members. Reinforcement calculations for concrete beams, columns, slabs and shear walls. Design of shear and moment connections for steel members. Result viewing, result verification and report generation tools for examining displacement diagrams, bending moment and shear force diagrams, beam, plate and solid stress contours, etc. Peripheral tools for activities like import and export of data from and to other widely accepted formats, links with other popular softwares for niche areas like reinforced and prestressed concrete slab design, footing design, steel connection design, etc. A library of exposed functions called OpenSTAAD which allows users to access STAAD.Pros internal functions and routines as well as its graphical commands to tap into STAADs database and link input and output data to third-party software written using languages like C, C++, VB, VBA, FORTRAN, Java, Delphi, etc. Thus, OpenSTAAD allows users to link in-house or third-party applications with STAAD.Pro.






About the STAAD.Pro DocumentationThe documentation for STAAD.Pro consists of a set of manuals as described below. These manuals are normally provided only in the electronic format, with perhaps some exceptions such as the Getting Started Manual which may be supplied as a printed book to first time and new-version buyers. All the manuals can be accessed from the Help facilities of STAAD.Pro. Users who wish to obtain a printed copy of the books may contact Research Engineers. REI also supplies the manuals in the PDF format at no cost for those who wish to print them on their own. See the back cover of this book for addresses and phone numbers. Getting Started and Tutorials : This manual contains information on the contents of the STAAD.Pro package, computer system requirements, installation process, copy protection issues and a description on how to run the programs in the package. Tutorials that provide detailed and step-by-step explanation on using the programs are also provided. Examples Manual This book offers examples of various problems that can be solved using the STAAD engine. The examples represent various structural analyses and design problems commonly encountered by structural engineers. Graphical Environment This document contains a detailed description of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of STAAD.Pro. The topics covered include model generation, structural analysis and design, result verification, and report generation. Technical Reference Manual This manual deals with the theory behind the engineering calculations made by the STAAD engine. It also includes an explanation of the commands available in the STAAD command file. International Design Codes This document contains information on the various Concrete, Steel, and Aluminum design codes, of several countries, that are implemented in STAAD. The documentation for the STAAD.Pro Extension component(s) is available separately.

Part - I

Getting StartedSystem Requirements Installation Start-up

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 2. Hardware Requirements 3. Contents of the STAAD.Pro CD 4. Installation 5. Copy Protection Device 6. Running STAAD.Pro 7. Running STAAD.etc 8. Running Sectionwizard 9. Running 10. Running Mesher


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1. IntroductionSTAAD.Pro is an analysis and design software package for structural engineering. This manual is intended to guide users who are new to this software as well as experienced users who want specific information on the basics of using the program. Part-I of this manual describes the following: Hardware Requirements Contents of the STAAD.Pro CD Installation Copy Protection Device Running STAAD.Pro

Part II of this manual contains tutorials on using STAAD.Pro. The tutorials guide a user through the processes of: Creating a structural model. This consists of generating the structural geometry, specifying member properties, material constants, loads, analysis and design specifications, etc. Visualization and verification of the model geometry Running the STAAD analysis engine to perform analysis and design Verification of results - graphically and numerically Report generation and printing Inter-operability. In other words, using STAAD.Pro in conjunction with other programs created by REI, such as STAAD.etc.

System Requirements, Installation and Start-up


2. Hardware RequirementsThe following requirements are suggested minimums. Systems with increased capacity provide enhanced performance. PC with Intel-Pentium or equivalent. Graphics card and monitor with 1024x768 resolution, 256 color display (16 bit high color recommended). 128 MB RAM or higher. Windows NT 4.0 or higher operating system. Windows 95, Windows 98 & Windows Me are no longer supported. The program works best on Windows 2000 and XP operating systems. Sufficient free space on the hard disk to hold the program and data files. The disk space requirement will vary depending on the modules you are installing. A typical minimum is 500MB free space. A multi-media ready system with sound card and speakers is needed to run the tutorial movies and slide shows.

Note: Additional RAM, disk space, and video memory will enhance the performance of STAAD.Pro. Starting with STAAD.Pro Version 2001, the size of structures that the program can handle has been increased significantly. As a result of this, the minimum amount of physical + virtual memory required by the program also has increased to over 600MB. Users may need to ensure that adequate amounts of virtual memory are available, and in Windows NT and 2000 systems, parameters such as paging file sizes should be large enough or span over multiple drives if the free space on any one drive runs low. Another issue to keep in mind is the location of the TEMP parameter as in the SET TEMP environment variable in Windows NT and 2000 systems. While performing calculations, depending on the structure size, the program may create gigantic scratch files which are placed in the folder location associated with

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System Requirements, Installation and Start-up


Staad Pro Connect Edition Manual

the TEMP parameter. Users may wish to point the SET TEMP variable to a folder on a drive that has disk space sufficiently large to accommodate the requirements for large size structures. Note: The user must have a basic familiarity with Microsoft Windows systems in order to use the software.

System Requirements, Installation and Start-up


3. Contents of the STAAD.Pro CDTypically, a startup screen appears when the CD is placed in the drive. If it does not, you may initiate it by running SPROCD.EXE located at the root folder of the CD (This can be done by clicking on the file named SPROCD.EXE from Windows Explorer). The SPROCD Title screen appears as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: The SPROCD Title Screen The choices offered by the Title screen are described below: Install STAAD Structural Suite This is the installation module containing the programs STAAD.Pro Version 2006 , STAAD.etc, Sectionwizard and . STAAD.etc is a program that enables design of structural components such as base plates, bolt groups, cantilever retaining walls, rectangular footings, etc. Sectionwizard is a

Staad Pro Tutorial Pdf

System Requirements, Installation and Start-up


Staad Pro Wind Load Tutorial Pdf

program for calculating properties such as area, moments of inertia, section modulii, torsional constants, etc., of various cross sections. is a program for designing reinforced concrete pile caps and pile groups, mat foundations, individual footings, etc. In order to use STAAD.etc , Sectionwizard and to their full capability, users must have purchased them as additional items of software. In the absence of a valid license to use them, those modules will work only in a demonstration mode. The installation procedure is explained in detail in the next section. View STAAD.Pro Manuals This takes the user to another screen which displa