User Manual For Schauer Battery Charger Cr612


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Schumacher Electric Corporation is considered the number 1 name in battery chargers worldwide. Being true to its commitment to provide outstanding customer service, it has come up with the Schumacher battery charger instructions for the benefit not only of its customers but of the public in general.

Schumacher was established in 1947, and its headquarter is located in Mount Prospect, Illinois. The company produces and distributes battery chargers, battery tester, jump starters, accessories, power converters and OEM custom products. It caters to automotive, industrial, marine, agriculture and power sports market.

Since 1947, the company has been the prime mover for change and performance in battery chargers to surpass the expectations of its customers. What makes Schumaker the preferred brand is its award-winning marketing strategy and engineered technologies with pending patents. The company’s legacy is its faithfulness to quality and its outstanding customer service.

Schumacher Battery Charger Information

Schauer Battery Charger Cr612

Here are some of the Schumacher battery charger instructions:Manual

About Charging Types

Microprocessor Controlled Charging

A microprocessor controlled battery charger is intended to provide efficient, safe and fast charging to a wide range of battery sizes and types. A cutting-edge device controlled by a microprocessor oversees the charging process to prevent batteries from getting damaged because of overcharging.

User Manual For Schauer Battery Charger Cr612

To put it simply, the charger gathers information from the battery and modifies the voltage and charge current in accordance with the information. This enables the charge to be fast, correct and complete. As a result, there are no adverse effects on the battery’s capacity an on the cycle-life of the battery even if it fast charged.

The multi-phase charging method guarantees that each battery receives the power it requires in the way that is best for battery health. This guarantees that all of the energy is accurately absorbed by the battery whether it’s a deep cycle, conventional, marine, Gel Cell, or AGM battery.

Battery chargers that are microprocessor controlled can stay connected to the battery continually without the risk of damage or overcharge. They are safer, faster and definitely more efficient than an archaic transformer type battery charger.

About Automatic Charging

When performing an automatic charge, the charger ceases to charge and change to Maintain Mode or Float Mode automatically once the battery is fully charged. Automatic chargers are kinder on batteries than manual chargers. Unfortunately, they are not meant for maintenance or indefinite use. Automatic chargers apply a cycling process to avoid overcharging the battery.

About Manual Charging

User Manual For Schauer Battery Charger Cr612

When performing manual charge, the charger will continually charge and will not shut down or cycle down on its own even when the battery is fully charged already. It continues to supply current to the battery at the setting selected and will only stop when the charger is disconnected.

The amp meter has to be checked visually to know if the battery is already fully charged. When a manual battery charger is being used, it is highly recommended to use a voltmeter or hydrometer to keep an eye on the state of charge of the battery so that you can stop it when the battery is fully charged. If the charging is not monitored the battery might get damaged, or it could cause personal injury or property damage.

About Maintain Mode

Schauer B7612 Manual

Maintain mode is when the charged LED is lit. In a Maintain Mode, the charger maintains a full charge on the battery by supplying a small amount of current when needed. When the voltage of the battery falls below a level that has been preset, the charger reverts to Charge Mode up to the time that the voltage level is back to full charge status, and then the charger goes back to Maintain Mode. The change from Charge Mode to Maintain Mode and vice versa is automatic when it is required.

When the battery is at full charge status, the charged LED will cycle on, but when the voltage falls below a level that has been preset, and the Charge Mode is on, the charged LED will cycle off. The battery type determines the level of voltage of the battery.

Schauer B6612 Battery Charger Manual

NOTE: The Maintain Mode in a Schumacher Maintainer makes possible a safe charge and keeps the battery healthy for long periods of time. But, unexpected conditions such as improper connection, electrical trouble in the car and battery problems could result to unwarranted voltage draws. It is then suggested that the charging process is monitored every now and then.

When to use the different charge rates; 15-amp, 12-amp, 10-amp and 2-amp

What charge rate to use depends on the battery size and the speed you want the battery charged. As the amp setting goes higher so does the rate or speed of the charging. A 2-amp charge rate is suggested for smaller batteries such as a battery for a golf cart, motorcycle or a lawn tractor. Applying a high charge rate for this type or size of battery could spell disaster.

Schauer Charger Manual 10 Amp

Charging a normal size battery on a 2-amp charge rate could take a long time. The battery might be discharging at a faster rate than the 2-amp charge could supply. A deep cycle battery is better charged at a high charge rate of from 6-amp and higher. To be sure, check the specified charge rate for your battery.

How to read amp meters

An amp meter lets you know the amount of current a battery charger outputs to the battery. When you switch on the charger, the needle of the amp meter will automatically point to the preselected amperage, for example, 10-amp, which is on the right side of the meter. This means that the charger is putting out that a large amount of charge. But as the battery is being charged, the charge needle gradually falls to the left to almost one half (5-amp) of the preselected amperage which indicates that the battery is fully charged.


User Manual For Schauer Battery Charger Cr612

Actually, there are more Schumacher battery charger direction, but for now, we shall be content with what we have here. These are more than enough tips and information than we can digest.