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Git for Windows is the Windows port of Git, a fast, scalable, distributed revision control system with a rich command set. Git for Windows brings the full feature set of the Git SCM to Windows while providing new and appropriate user interfaces. It's ideal for both experienced Git users and novices alike. In spite of this, ksh, nmake, vczip, UWIN and other AST tools continue to be used in several AT&T projects. It turns out that software isn't the only thing lacking support: both dgk (David Korn) (AT&T fellow, 36 years of service) and gsf (Glenn Fowler) (AT&T fellow, 29 years of service) have been terminated, effective October 10. Protector Plus for Windows XP/2000 v.7.2.H03 Protector Plus is an anti-virus software designed for Windows NT/2000/XP. It has innovative features like email scan, real-time scan and InstaUpdate to ensure a virus free computer.

2014-03-23 20:08:25 UTC
I have posted this before, and it is getting to be a severe problem.
Sometimes this behavior appears to be triggered by some other windows
application being run just before entering uwin, and today it appeared
to be happening when I was editing files with vi, attempting to make a
correction, and other times when I may have been typing a little faster.
In all cases, uwin dies and when I restore it, just two carriage returns

also cause it to die. The only way I can restore at least temporary

Uwin Ksh For Windows 7 Free

sanity is by restarting win7. Is this one of win7's many peculiarities?Windows
Is there a fix for this continually frustrating problem?
Michael E. Lindenmeyer

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:-) hp/mel

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UWIN is a computersoftware package created by David Korn which allows programs written for the operating systemUnix to be built and run on Microsoft Windows with few, if any, changes. Some of the software development was subcontracted to Wipro, India. References, correct or not, to the software as U/Win and AT&T Unix for Windows can be found in some cases, especially from the early days of its existence.

UWIN source is available under the Open SourceEclipse Public License 1.0 at AT&T'sAST/UWIN repositories on github.

UWIN 5 is distributed with the FireCMD enhanced Windows shell with the Korn Shell thereof as one of three default shells present at install, the others being the FireCMD scripting language and the default Windows command shell cmd.exe. Other UWIN shells like csh and tclsh and those of other interoperability suites like the MKS Toolkit and other shells like those that come with Tcl, Lua, Python and Ruby distributions inter alia can be added to the menu by the user/administrator.[1]

Technical details[edit]

Technically, it is an X/Openlibrary for the Windows 32-bitapplication programming interface (API), called Win32. UWIN contains:

  • Libraries that emulate a Unix environment by implementing the Unix API
  • Include files and development tools such as cc(1), yacc(1), lex(1), and make(1).
  • ksh(1) (the Korn Shell) and over 250 utilities such as ls(1), sed(1), cp(1), stty(1), etc.
Uwin Ksh For Windows 7

Most of the Unix API is implemented by the POSIX.DLL dynamically loaded (shared) library. Programs linked with POSIX.DLL run under the Win32 subsystem instead of the POSIX subsystem, so programs can freely intermix Unix and Win32 library calls. A cc(1) command is provided to compile and link programs for UWIN on Windows using traditional Unix build tools such as make(1). The cc(1) command is a front end to the underlying compiler that performs the actual compilation and linking. It can be used with the Microsoft Visual C/C++ 5.X compiler, the Visual C/C++ 6.X compiler, the Visual C/C++ 7.X compiler, the Digital Mars C/C++ compiler, the Borland C/C++ compiler, and the MinGW compiler. The GNU compiler and development tools are also available for download to UWIN.

UWIN runs best on Windows NT/2000/XP/7 with the file systemNTFS, but can run in degraded mode using FAT, and further degraded on Windows 95/98/ME. (See the External link for more details.) A beta version for Windows Vista and 7 is released as UWin 5.0b (June 2011, 17th).[2] On January 19, 2016 it was announced by AT&T that the AST and UWIN source packages were migrated to github.[3]


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  • 'AST Software Download Packages (defunct)'. www2.research.att.com. Archived from the original on 2013-11-04. This page still contains some useful documentation.

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